I had a number of dreams this morning. I started out at a futuristic city. I don’t remember much from this segment, but I attracted three much older women in their 40s and 50s, all married or has grown children. We were always either in a large closed store that sold wedding dresses or at a large Chinese restaurant with other people. The women would come around and start kissing me and I would feel a bit awkward but liked it at the same time.

In another dream of the same morning, I was inside a large hotel or a cruise ship and I was walking in a long carpeted hallway towards one end with a huge crowd of people walking the same direction on the left side. Another huge crowd of people were walking towards us to the other end of the hallway that was behind us, on the right side. As I walked slowly pass the crowd on the right, I noticed Iris in that opposite crowd. As we were just about to pass each other, we looked at each other and I stopped very briefly, reached up to her face with my right hand, caressed her face with the back of my fingers gently as if I was appreciating her. In my dream, I felt her face on the back of my fingers. The touch was surreal and sensual and that sparked up a lot of subtle but deep emotion in me.

She smiled at me and said “thank you”, then we moved passed each other and that was that. I didn’t even look back. Later in that same dream segment, I would wander around that massive mall/hotel just checking the place out which I will explain in more detail after this and it was two fold for me. I was actively sight-seeing, but I was passively seeing if I would be able to bump into her again. I didn’t. Not even once. Secretly, I felt a little upset that I couldn’t see her again, but at the same time, I wasn’t really that much affected by that.

In my sight-seeing adventure, it was quite scary in some aspect, but very epic in some way. I noticed that outside the huge windows facing the ocean, was a massive storm. Apparently, Vancouver Island was no more and Richmond was right at the edge of the ocean. Richmond in the future looked very different, but safe and strong. I guess we have to be if we’re facing such storms on a constant basis.

In my dream, the city was so detailed. In fact, for a very brief moment in the dream I ‘woke up’ for a few seconds and even thought to myself as I looked into an alcove in the distance, “It’s incredible that my dreams have so much vivid detail.” Then I ‘fell back’ in that unconscious dreaming state unaware I was dreaming again.

In the third segment of my morning dreams, I was in a massive ship of sorts that I owned. It was either a large space ship or a large ocean-going vessel. There was a small crew on board and Patrick was there along with some other people, but they were usually not with me. Tom was there with some other people, including some girls I’ve never seen before. Throughout that dream, a couple of those girls and I would be flirting and talking innuendo like crazy, but nothing would ever really happen beyond that, though it was almost apparent that each of us had taken a liking to me and me towards them.

I woke up because my brother and Ryan texted me.

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