In the last two hours of my sleep, I dreamt that I met up with Thalia. The first half of the dream was mostly a blur. We were in a cozy middle class neighbourhood with what seemed like early evening when the sun was not up, but the sky was still lit with some of its light. However, the sky was thickened with pillowy clouds. At first, we were outside wandering around, having a conversation of sorts. We went from house yard to house yard, but never into a house. She resembled the left-side version of a combo photo of her on my shelf in real life. Eventually, it got dark enough to be called night time, and the street lamps, as well as all of the external house lights were all lit up.

At this point, we were standing at the steps of a house with a white door and a window on it with simple designs. Facing each other, I took her left hand gently, swung with it a little, and reached over to try to kiss her cheek, but the moment before my lips touched her face, somehow, we ended up in a car. Thalia was the driver and I was in the passenger seat next to her. She was driving around like a newbie, slow and fast, turning sharply into corners. I felt like I had zero control over what was happening, with her insistence to drive like a maniac. I tried asking her to slow down, but words never came out of my mouth. I tried touching her, reaching out to her, to express displeasure with her driving, but I held onto my seat and the car instead. I was not excited and very stressed.

When I woke up, I reaffirmed what I am going to request her to do in real life. That is, instead of sending me a massive wall of text, or sending me long ass hard-to-follow voice messages, I am going to send her a sentimental card with the PS “In hardship, we see true friendship. In your insistence to tell me “a lot of things”, I request you tell me in person. True to our words, true to our expressions. Until you need me for other things, my absence for your peace of mind and sanity.”

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