[“Ligaya” by Gouryella]

Last night, I had a dream where I walked around my old neighborhood and around my old elementary school at Mitchell. It was slightly different than in real life. The air was cool and the environment was quiet. I remember I was walking around, looking at various buildings and reminiscing on old emotions. Then I came across an Automated Teller Machine and saw myself from the back. I had a collage of scenes come and go while I watched myself in front of the ATM.

[“Ocean Blue (Remix)” by Doublestar Project]

The images were of myself from younger to old – from dressing well to dressing in rags, then dressing in a cross between fine and comfort and moderation. When my eyes set themselves on myself dressed in rags, I felt very sad. I thought how I must have felt to be in that situation. However, though I was in rags, I still had savings in my bank account – savings that I didn’t take out even when I was dead broke. In my mind then, I thought that despite my desires to withdraw all I had to help bring myself back up, I left my savings in there. When I saw myself gradually change from rags to moderate wealth, I continued with my stroll again.

I crossed the Cambie Road, #5 Road intersection and walked passed some stores when I heard a huge explosion and then fireballs shoot everywhere. I looked around and the sky was already dark. People around me were in chaos. Buildings were burning and some of the trees at King George Park were burning as well. I walked to the middle of the road on #5 and tried to see what was going on. People were yelling at each other, screaming, and in the distance, I could hear people in panic.

[“Adore” from Hi-Fidelity Lounge, Vol. 2]

As my mind cleared, I realized that the Petro Canada located where the Chapel used to be exploded. I made myself into a shelter and found Albert, Jon, Ed, and Patrick there. They called their family to see if they were okay, while I called my dad to see if they were safe. I was really worried that the fireballs reached where my mom worked and where my house was that my dad was at. They were okay and safe, and I knew my brother was safe as he wasn’t even in the country.

Pat, Jon, Ed, and Albert and myself were the calmest out of all the people there. We were worried but we were collected.

Later on, Albert told me that some girl caused the gas station to explode and questioned why someone would be stupid enough to step forward with that crime. In real life, it would be the honorable thing to do, but in my dream, I felt that this had a different meaning.

There was more to the dream, but I don’t remember right now. When I woke up, I felt depressed a little but it faded as my sleepiness faded. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror briefly before hopping into the shower. I don’t look like how I see myself.



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    Do you see yourself as a furry white kitten purring and rubbing its big brown eyes? 😉

    I bet whoever blew up the gas station was curious about whether farts could be ignited….

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    I bet if you were at the hub of the gas industry, we wouldn’t need Esso, Petro Can, Shell, etc. You’ll be all we need in this world! Imagine an unlimited natural resource right from your butt! 😉

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