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Just came home from my client’s place. What a fun 4 hours! Weee! [sobs]

There was actually another entry before this that I submitted. It was a long one, but after about an hour, I decided to take it offline. There were way too much stuff in there that I found uncomfortable to release to the public. I even added the usual password to it, but decided that certain readers may be way too suspicious about stuff. Mind you, I have to say that if they at all suspected, it would be all in their heads. Alas, tact and strategy is something better suitable for blah blah blah.

So as said in my previous non-online entry, I have been having a long series of dreams throughout the last week and a bit. All of them had elements of sex and the acts of sexuality. Mind you, I’ve never had continuous dreams about sex before. In the past, sex dreams only happened once every few months, sometimes once every year or two that I could remember.

The dream I had two nights ago was about being a school administrator or teacher and meeting all these different types of female teachers. I was having sexual relationships with them and maneuvering around the school facing many dead-ends where I had to go back out and find another route, and so on.

I already have an idea what my dreams are about, but specifically, I don’t know what they are. Like one instance in the dream was about meeting two teachers. One was fun, gorgeous, and witty. The other was sweet, cute, and had similar hobbies as I did. Both very intelligent and both very attractive. In the dream, I had sex with the fun, gorgeous, and witty one, but wanted to pursue a relationship with the sweet, cute, and similar hobbies one – but not at the same time. My first choice was to sleep with the fun one, rather than pursue a relationship with the sweet one.

In the dream, I remembered that though both were hurt by my actions and feelings, they both still continued with the illusion that I may ‘come to my senses’ and choose one of them. I went to many different local locations and met tons of people, even a reunion of sorts with my dad where he would greet everyone but ignore me. My mom was always in the background watching everything.

Dream-wise, I felt powerful, in control, and I was moving forward, despite all those dead-ends, because I was always able to get out of them. I felt that those encounters with women were secondary to me. Though naturally, my heart wanted them, on a whole, I didn’t allow them to affect my goals and my path.

(two days later)

Yes, that went totally way off track…

Seems like my company might be taking on a larger external project soon. That means more money. So far so good, at least for me. My last project kind of sucked cuz I underestimated the difficulty and my charge out came to be $18/hr instead of the usual $25/hr. I think this big external project through RT will give me $40/hr charge out.


Yeah… So an explanation with those OTHER sex dreams. I’ve been having sex dreams about a couple of my female friends as well. In the beginning, it started out with dreams about my male friends having sex with their girlfriends or wives or potential lovers, then it somehow moved to just me having sex with my female friends. The unfortunate thing about that is this has been an ongoing consecutive nightly event. Fortunately, it stopped this morning. This morning’s dream however wasn’t a good one, though it wasn’t a really bad one either.

In short, I dreamt that Cindy and I got back together again, but I was very reluctant. I don’t know why I accepted her back in my dream, because in real life, I wouldn’t have considered it. I’ll skip the details of this dream and simply end my entry.

Bananas for everyone!



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    Well, I need details of Fong Pei’s cock, but I’m sure I won’t be getting any… 😉 At least not for me.. 08]

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    I looked up your dream in my dream book and dreaming of sex could mean the wish or need to be able to communicate with someone on a very intimate level.dreaming of your ex could mean you could have issues to do with musculinity or fears to do with sexuality.Authority figures such as fathers or teachers ,mothers lead us back to what is right for us,although not necessarily what we might consider good for us.Mmm I agree details.

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    Thanks for the dream interpretations. It’s quite close to what i had in mind, but I didn’t know that the ex could mean issues with masculinity, though I think it could make sense.

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