Whenever the topic of toxic masculinity and feminism comes up, there is a set of statistics many men and women who are against feminism love to use. I’ll post it here for you to read.

  • Combat deaths since the first Gulf War: 97% male, 3% female
  • Suicide victims: 80% male, 20% female
  • Industrial deaths and accidents: 93% male, 7% female
  • Winner of child custody: 80% female, 20% male
  • Homicide victims: 93% male, 7% female
  • Average jail sentence: 51 months for men, 18 months for women

A watch manufacturer, Egard Watches, recently released a commercial after the Gillette commercial, detailing these statistics with images of strong, intelligent, good mannered men. Of course, a lot of men and women upvoted that commercial. I also upvoted that commercial for its core message and not because it was anti-Gillette.

For the wise, you probably already know why the watch commercial got a shit ton of upvotes and the Gillette commercial got a shit ton of downvotes. It all comes down to CONTEXT.

All of those people who downvoted the Gillette commercial took that commercial OUT OF CONTEXT. All of those same people who upvoted the watch commercial, DO NOT CARE about the context of those statistics either.

You might wonder now, what that context is.

Firstly, I already explained the context of the Gillette commercial here. So I need not make myself a broken record here again.

Secondly, that watch commercial, like the anti-feminists like to do, took those statistics out of context of the WHY reason. “WHY are 97% of combat casualties men?” “WHY are 80% of suicide victims men?” “WHY are 93% of industrial deaths and accidents men?”

I mean seriously. These statistics are dumb as fuck because they don’t take into consideration the WHY factor.

WHY are 97% of combat casualties men? Because men make up the vast majority of deployed soldiers on the battle field. Show me a US battalion where women make up 50% of the soldiers. If you can, THEN you can state that 97% as being unfair towards men. Until then, that 97% number is idiotic at best.

Do you know why it’s idiotic?

It’s like saying, “99% of kindergartners are children.” No shit Einstein! MOST kindergartners ARE children! Only a very tiny handful are adults who have mental disabilities.

So why are 80% of suicide victims male? It’s how society perpetuate men’s and women’s roles. Men are more prone to suicide because they have been conditioned since birth, that they should behave a certain way, that talking about their feelings is not manly, that they get laughed at by their peers for being ‘as inferior as women’. THAT is why.

Why are 93% of industrial accidents and deaths men? Because most factories employ men. Show me one factory with dangerous working conditions, where women make up 50% of the work force. If you can, THEN you can say 93% of industrial accidents and deaths being men are unfair. THEN you can tell me that there must be some gender bias towards women being protected in the work place. Until then, 93% of accidents and deaths are men, because MOST of them ARE men. Jesus F Christ, are people just this dimwitted?

The most common thing I see on the internet from men who hate feminism, or misconstrue what feminism is, is that they often use these statistics as proof that women don’t want equality, that it is men that deserve respect, that women are trying to get equal salaries but want to do less work. None of which is true for what feminism stands for. All of the things these so-called men point out, is actually the result of male dominance of the centuries. If centuries ago, a male-dominated society did not condition women to be frail objects to be married off to, then this bullshit wouldn’t exist today. Yes, there are toxic women who chant nasty shit to men not being real men, but these nasty woman aren’t feminists. They are nasty asshole women. These women, like most men, were brought up to behave and think a certain way, to believe men are protectors and women should stay at home to raise children. If you think women have it easy, compared to men in the work force and in the military, then stop with this nonsense of being anti-feminist. One day, when the work force and the military has its equal or near-equal amount of men and women, then you can tell me how unfair being a man is.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.
– Marie Shear

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