Well, I wouldn’t say it’s THE most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, nor THE most amazing archery I’ve ever seen, but close enough. She has a great nice little body. Mmm mmm good… [dazed] Mmm, so yummy… [starts talking to myself about how yummy she is]



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    OH MAN! Did you jerk yourself off while on my site?!?! GROSS! HAHAHAHA!!! And yes, that’s the Knight Rider! 🙂

  2. 6

    We do… WE ALL DO! No idea the name of the show tho. Love her figure. So tiny and so bendable. Nothing like bendy girls. Mmmm, bendy… 8]

  3. 11

    Give me alittle credit, man. Jeez. I at least waited till I’d turned off the computer before I started that. LoL. j/k Sorry to disappoint, but even the bendable Ms. Gymnast there, didn’t inspire me to that sort of action.

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