At least, I hope in her road to recovery, she doesn’t get broken even more. She has a lot of supporters and unfortunately, a few haters as well. I never understand haters though.

As some of you may know, Christy Mack is a pornographic performer. I think she’s hot. Though I have to admit, I’m not a fan of hers. However, at some points in the recent past, I have told my wife that they both have some resemblance, especially when my wife dolls herself up and makes herself look naughty.

The main things I want to talk about today is the attitude people have towards men and women in the porn industry. My personal take is that every job has its merit and elements of a job has to be taken into context of its roles.


1) Pornography is not something to look down on

What I dislike a lot is when people assert that just because a man or a woman sells his or her own body out, she is automatically deemed unworthy and dishonest. The question is: how is entertaining men and women through sex dishonest? I find that pornographic performers are probably the most honest people in the world. They expose themselves and entertain others. They’re not hiding behind a facade like so many other professions require you to. I see absolutely nothing dishonest with being a pornographic performer.

They’re not hiding themselves behind a veil of lies and half truths like many other jobs do such as politicians, lawyers and people of authority. Many people work in jobs that require them to say “please” and “thank you” while maintain a fake smile, then turn around and bitch about their clients. Many people work in jobs that require you to sell as much as you can to someone, regardless whether they need it or not, so you can earn a commission and a better year end bonus. Those that do porn don’t need to do any of that. They perform, so you can jerk off and relieve some stress. In some scenarios, even give ideas on something a couple can do behind closed doors.


2) Root cause of abuse

I have always felt pornography allows performers a means to feel sexually liberated resulting in their generosity to share their sexuality with the world. If there are men and women whom are being abused while doing porn, then the unfortunate fact is that they are not in control of their own lives. Regardless of a person’s job, they can be victims of abuse. In fact, I knew many women in the last decade and over, where they have been victims of abuse and none of them were in the porn industry. So to say the porn industry is an initiating factor for abuse is outright ignorance. It’s not the porn industry folks. It’s the people involved in the lives of those individuals whom are being abused. People must look at the root causes, rather than the current scenarios.

3) Workplace Sanitation

As a bonus to my blog post, I want to point out something unrelated to the main topic, that I feel is still relevant to people interested in this topic.

In an interview with a few former and current performers, some of their biggest complaints were workplace sanitation and respect. Here’s the thing ladies and gents, there are bad employers and there are good employers. Every industry, regardless of your job will have them. If you worked in an environment where there are cum stains from two decades ago, it’s time you demand better working conditions. If not, find a different agency to work with.

You may argue that work is scarce, but that isn’t a legitimate excuse. So long as you have the choice and you do, then you have the means to do something else. If you continue to let yourself work in an environment where its unsanitary, then the onus is on you. The blame is on you.


4) Conclusion

Christy Mack mentioned that her former lover has beaten her before, but not nearly as bad as what he did a few days ago. Ms. Mack, not once should it ever have happened! Do not excuse the behavior of these abusers! Whatever your job is, whatever career you have made for yourself, take the reigns of control into your own hands. It’s not your job nor career that hindered you, but the asshole who invaded your liberty and took control of your life into his hands.

I hope whatever you decide to do here on out, whether that to continue to be in the porn industry or an entirely different career, that you start working on your core, build yourself from the inside out and let your inner will and strength empower you, free yourself from the bonds of the unworthy.

Just remember this: it’s not you that’s the problem. It’s us. It’s society.

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