One constant thing that has always urked me throughout the years is the incorrect usage of grammar and punctuation, especially particular spelling such as “you are”, “you’re”, and “your” – the first two being the same things.

Another thing is the separation of paragrah. I’ve noticed that a lot of people – and let me stress that: A LOT of people DO NOT separate paragraph breaks for some uncanny reason. Here’s a good example of what I am talking about here (LINK):


One question: “Why?”

Seriously, there is no reason to have separate paragraphs if you’re going to leave them together like that. You say “it’s your style”, but for fuck sakes, what if your story goes something like this:

The mangled remains of a vessel found in
the Bering Sea are likely those of a World
War II submarine that disappeared with a
crew of 70 off the Aleutian Island of Kiska.
The discovery of the USS Grunion at night
culminates a five-year search led by the
sons of its commander, Mannert Abele,
and may finally shine a light on the last
moments of the doomed vessel.
“Obviously, this is a very big thing,” the
oldest son, Bruce Abele, said Thursday
from his home in Newton, Masschusetts.
A remotely operated vehicle snapped
pictures and captured three hours of
video footage of the Grunion on a rocky
underwater slope north of the volcanic
island, according to another brother,
John Abele, who was in Kiska Harbor
with the search team on Thursday.

This was taken from HERE.

Now, how many paragraphs do you see here? Based on the original story, there are four paragraphs here, but because of ‘incorrect’ paragraph breakage, this looks like one massive paragraph or two, if you’re ‘keen’ enough. [sighs]

I ask you all who do this, especially David from my part-time job, “Why do you do that? Why? Why bother making paragraph breaks at all?”

Also Albert, it was Ascension, not Ascention as you for some god forsaken reason still think I spelled it Ascention. Why this bugs me? Because back in the day, Tom, Jon, Carlo, Roger, Jacek and I used to play a pen and paper RPG called Mage The Ascension.

I am less of a grammar warlord, but definitely a punctuation Nazi. Heil punctuation marks!

Yes, moody today because BitDefender customer service and sales haven’t been answering ANY of the 5 emails, 2 shipment reminders, 1 Live Assistance email tickets, and 2 phone calls AT ALL. We ordered the BitDefender Client Security (10 users)(1 year) on August 13th, and guess what? Today is the 24th and we STILL HAVE NOT RECIEVED a download link and license key. We are considering asking for a refund, but the point in question isn’t the refund, it is business ethics.

What the hell is customer service and sales doing?

From now on, I am going to do something Anti-Leemanism: [shame] I am going to generalize ALL businesses in the USA, regardless of any positive history I have with individual companies and STICK WITH ONLY Canadian companies INSIDE Canada. Dealing with USA companies is too hazardous and way too damn slow.

Like SerenityFashion from Ebay. Mother of god, it took them WEEKS – THREE WEEKS before they answered me back through email. This had to do with two anime DVD sets that never arrived here. IT TOOK THEM ANOTHER FOUR DAYS to answer my inquiry, then WHEN I THREATENED with a PayPal claim, they FINALLY gave me the tracking number, which is odd that they didn’t give that to me in the first place – about a month ago with their payment confirmation email.

The item according to USPS said it arrived in Canada on the 27th of July. I ordered the item July 13th, and it was supposedly shipped out on the 15th. By the time they FINALLY refunded me back, it was more than ONE MONTH. I left them neutral feedback, and they replied with “Item delivery according to tracking CP200308097US. Refund to buyer nevertheless.” What they should have done was leave me EXCELLENT positive feedback. Why? Because like 52 of all the purchases I have made through EBay since December 30th, 2003, I have ALWAYS paid within 24 hours – usually within 6 hours.

That’s another thing I really hate about most EBay sellers, is that they leave retaliating feedback like MSMoviegal, or they don’t leave you feedback at all, even if you have been a patient, tolerant, and fast payer. There have only been two or three sellers through EBay that left fair feedback right after I paid for my items. THAT is what I call GOOD BUSINESS ETHICS.

In other news, I met up with Tom last night for a good romp. Yeah, it was fucking fantastic. My ass was so sore this morning. My stomach felt a bit bruised too. I wondered how deep he penetrated me.



No, I met up with Tom last night at his place on 3rd, between Knight and Commercial. I brought a bottle of Warre’s Warrior Special Reserve over, and he told me about his new campaign and such. Aaron, his roommate and I started on a quick quest, and for the first time since 2000 when we had our last more serious game, I actually had fun this time around. The difference being, I know more and know how things work in relation to the real world. So it was quite cool. It’s a good chill out activity when not working – really helps relieve stress and challenges the mind.

I figured I’m going to spend more time with him and his buddies from now on – say see them once or twice a month. The apartment as usual is disgustingly messy with fruit flies everywhere, but other than that, it’s quite chilled out.

Krystal is also staying at his place until the 15th, and we talked about stuff. Let’s just say, I am a bit envious that she had a threesome back in March. I still have yet to try a threesome. I seriously don’t mind having sex with a girl while she blows another guy, or the other way around, but I’m icky on the idea of DPing her. I might just have to tape my balls to my ass if I do it. ^_^

Having sex with two girls on the other hand might look great in porn, and some guys dig that, but for me, the second girl will be riding my face, which is fine… MInd you, having two girls lick and suck on my cock… Well, that’s visually very exciting, I’m sure. Hmm… That’ll be a goal before the year ends.. [laughs] Hell, if I can get Pat or Jason drunk – that is, if Pat goes to HK with me; then I can do a threesome with a girl. At least, teach him a bit with something so wonderful. Don’t worry Pat, I won’t have my dick anywhere near your body… So DPing is out of the question… HAHAHAHA…

Anyway, I gots to get back to work now.

Hot damn, Isabella looks so yummy today. Older women can be so delicious when they want to be.


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