As my MASSIVE 1.35 gig Photoshop file is being rendered, I glanced through the Google News headlines and came across the following:

“It’s a fundamental American principle: All people are equal in the eyes of the law.”

Followed by cynical laughter on my part – quiet cynical laughter mind you. Baby, the law doesn’t have eyes, nor does it have ears or any sensations whatsoever. People use the law as a facade for their own goals. The only thing that is ‘equal’ in accordance to the law, is that everyone will be fucked by the law one way or another, more than once in their lives.

The law is catered to the whole and not to the individual, and even then, it’s catered to those ‘smart’ enough to use it to their advantage, EVEN if they are in the wrong in the first place.

[golf clap]


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