Recently some Christian fundie named Margaret Blaine said the following:

If the Bible can be discedited then there is no God, It goes to follow, if there is no God we are not accountabl­e to anyone, if we are not accountabl­e to anyone there is not judgment, no punishment­, and we can do whatever the H—we want in this world. Which seems to be what is being done all over the world in 2011!

The key words here is that she feels that because there is no god, then that must also mean no human being will feel they need to be held accountable for anything they do in this world. So here’s a question for you Margaret: Why don’t I commit murder, steal at gun point, rape children and beat the elderly? I’m not Christian. I don’t believe in a god. So why do you think that is?

The answer is super simple: because society holds us accountable. Because our friends hold us accountable. Because our family holds us accountable. Because our neighbors hold us accountable. Because the law enforcement agency, its law makers, the judges, the people in power hold us accountable.

Ultimately, when we are born, we are born into a common social ideal. I was born in western Canada and have lived here all my life. I am held accountable for my actions in this life for the things I do. It’s called “cause and effect”. Everything I do has consequences which ultimately dictate what my future will be like. If I commit murder, I will go to prison and I will never be able to do the things I want like play World of Warcraft, make love to my girlfriend, go to dim sum with my parents, ride my bike across Canada, etc. If I rape children, some guy in prison is going to hunt me down and give me hell before he makes sure I don’t live to see another day.

I do good things when I can and if I can. It makes me feel good to help others and receive a thank you or a smile. It doesn’t make me feel good if I hurt others. It’s like your child who drew a picture of you playing catch with him/her, it should give you a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Or how about just a simple hug from a parent or a girlfriend? If you tell me that you need some invisible imaginary being to tell you how you should feel, what is wrong and what is right and to enforce that by telling you that there is some hellish fiery burning place you will ‘live’ in for an eternity, then I seriously implore you to get your head checked, maybe submit yourself to a better and more contemporary Christian church or better yet, study World Religion and expose yourself to all the religions around the world. Maybe you can gain some culture for your brain.

“Cause and effect”. We don’t need a god to tell us what is wrong and what is right. For some messed up reason, if you feel you need some invisible imaginary being to tell you what is wrong and what is right, then I seriously implore you to submit yourself to an insane asylum. If people need some form of invisible imaginary being to tell them that killing a baby is wrong or raping an elderly man with a pipe is wrong, then I seriously implore you to seek mental help.

Lastly, another member named John Koe said:

Who would base their life on the errant teaching of man? Only the foolish. God inspired the writing of the Bible, and every single word in it. It does contain metaphors, so you don’t need to take every verse literally. Jesus is not a literal vine. But, every word was inspired by God. The Bible is the only teaching and literary work that you should trust your soul with. All other ways will come up void!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere many times, the whole concept that every word in the Bible was inspired by ‘God’ gives all denominations of Christians a way to interpret the Bible in any form and matter. The Klu Klux Klan has a few solid rules before you can join them: 1) You MUST be a Protestant, 2) You must NOT be tainted by any other race than the Aryan ‘race’, and 3) You MUST not have any relationships with non Aryans. You can say that the KKK are also inspired by ‘God’ to do what they do. Just as the Westboro Baptist Church which is an infamous hate group that parades at funerals of soldiers, homosexuals and even children. Indeed, they are Christian extremists, but at the same time, they ARE inspired by the word of ‘God’ from the same Bible John Koe trusts his soul in.

It says a lot actually and again, inspiration is interpretable, just like ‘God’.

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