[“Evolution” by Sasha and John Digweed]

Finally home from my two hour meeting with the team. More stuff to do! Yay!

So my friends organized a surprised hot pot night for me last night. Hot pot was yummy. Laura was my mom for most of the night and I vaguely remember shoving a tissue paper in between Jenny’s boobs. I would have done the same for Albert’s crack if it was showing.


^^ BL-FR: Ed, Albert, Jenny, Laura, Patrick, Steve, and Emma.


^^ Exact same pose, but me replacing Steve.

Unfortunately, I had way too much to drink and the last time I drank that much was back in May 2005. So I woke up this afternoon feeling nasty and weak. Went downstairs and drank two cups of Sun Tropics Pineapple & Guava juice, and well, vomitted all that out, and the rest I can just leave out.

I also vaguely remember talking with Laura after we went home. Wow, no wonder I was so tired. Then again, I think she would be even more tired considering she had to wake up early for stuff.


^^ After Pat, Albert, and Jenny went to get stuff for hot pot, they came over to get me. This was at Pat’s with all the stuff layed out. Awesome stuff! 8]



^^ The puzzle was finally completed by Pat last week.


^^ There she is!


^^ Pat in an interview with Laura


^^ Jenny as Tara Misu


^^ If canned spinach is to Popeye, Bodington’s is to Ed.


^^ Albert looked like he was enjoying himself a lot eh? Like spewing his goo under the table! 8]


^^ They’re about the same height… What do you think?


^^ Jon In Spirit on Laura’s lap. He was actually behind her, but at such quick notice, I didn’t have time to cut out a schlong for him.


^^ Scared?


^^ Pat’s dad


^^ Steve and Emma


^^ Ed in all his glory!


^^ Don’t they look sneaky?


^^ A couple of Air Canada eunuchs, one knighting the other…


^^ Posing as Patrick Bateman just without all the muscles and without the prostitutes!


^^ Laura gave me a “Men With Buns” calendar and a Kitten Chia Pet! Ever since I saw a Chia Pet in the 1980’s, I’ve always been fascinated and wanted one. So Laura helped me realized a part of my dream!

Anyway, I was totally surprised about this until about a week ago. Last time I had more than one or two friends celebrate my bday was back in 1989 or 1990. Thanks everyone! 8]

Well, I’m 28 today. January 14th, 2007. Hmm… And to Michelle, just one day more from your gran’s. 8]

Yup… I’m going to grow the Chia Pet Kitten later this week after I’m done my client’s project. I can’t wait!



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  1. 1


    They things are so weird. But in a cool way.

    Happy B-Day dude~ Best wishes and all that good junk.
    *sucks with happy feely things*

  2. 2
    Fong Pei

    my spirit thanks you for the good time Li….but it doesn’t appreciate what you did to it after the party =S

  3. 4

    Thanks Terry… 8]

    As for not appreciative of what I did to your spirit afterwards, you should! I took really good care of it for you! In fact, he’s sitting on my desk right now with that dazed happy look, staring back at me sexually. 8]

    Also, I WAS pondering whether to put it in my bro’s room or not, but then I thought Laura would be more appreciative if I hung it on mine instead. NO PUN INTENDED YOU PERVERT! 8]

  4. 7

    Oh, Li! Happy birthday! Love the Men with Buns calendar. lol! Seems as though you guys had lots of fun. 🙂

    Next time you drink that much, make sure to have plenty of potatoes on hand for the next morning! OreIda hash brown patties are always the best after a night of drinking, in my opinion. Mmm. Apparently the po-tots absorb any alcohol left if your system – and they don’t upset your tum! I believe it.

  5. 8

    Thank you Stina… 8]

    Wow, hash browns! I never would have thought about that for “the morning after getting drunk”. Mmmm…. I could go for some hash browns now! 8]

  6. 9

    Hi Li,have you recovered from your well deserved indulgence?….What I would give for a hash brown right now(sigh)!!!!

  7. 10

    I have recovered finally… 8] Actually I’ve been craving hash browns since Stina mentioned it… Been eating mini-whole taro in that last day tho… NOT THE SAME! 8D

  8. 11

    Mmmmmmm let’s all go out for some hash browns!!! 😀 Not the kind that falls apart, but the kind that McDonalds makes MMMMMMMMMMm or Mcains 😀 😀 😀 hash brown party!!! (don’t bring hash though :p)

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