Pat tells us that he wishes to travel, experience the world and witness with his eyes the things that happen every where. He will take his legs, his feet, his hands with him to fulfill that sort of desire one day for many days and nights. With him, he will bring his camera, laptop and other necessities to keep various moments immortalized forever digitally. He will have a fabulous and grand journey and he will meet many people and hear different languages and smell and touch and sense many different sensations.


I dream of traveling. I dream of visiting places that will bring me visually intensive grandeur. I wish to walk, tread, take a stroll in places where it would give me a lot of spiritual integration and comfort. Allowing myself to be with everything that I can see would be an epically awesome thing to experience. However, I cannot. There are things I have given up on. Quite a many things – at least, in my perspective.

It was nice to smile a little when Pat said, “It would be great if we can go hike Mount Fuji.” Indeed, it would. I’ve only seen Mount Fuji once in my entire life through these eyes of mine. It was when we were flying back to Canada from Hong Kong way back in 1993. The sun was behind it and I could see Mount Fuji in all its glory. I still remember it to this day.

When I was up there, I kind of wished I was up there alone, especially when I looked down through the window and saw the lights of Japan’s cities. Tiny lights moving slowly about. That memory reminded me of our 2007 flight from Hong Kong, when the jet’s captain did a circle in Hong Kong airspace before leaving.

I mentioned I am a tad superstitious in a prior entry. I am, really, though I do not hope for things to happen. I cannot say what I am superstitious about. That is for me to know and it is a secret I have to keep with me for a long time before I can ever expose it, if I ever remember to expose it. However, to say a little bit about it, I have to thank my dad for it. Let’s just say, I can’t thank him directly. I can only do it through the things I can do for him and my family.

I only realized it recently, probably about two or three days ago. I don’t exactly remember what it was, but it came subtly. So, this is my sacrifice. If in two years, we all manage to pull off the trip to Europe, awesome. If not, you will all understand. I’ll be for sure envious, but what I cannot do for myself, others will continue to do it for themselves. That is better than never being able to do anything ever for everyone.

Experiences can only be created, if you have:

1) the freedom to do it
2) the will to do it

So, do it.

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