Just finished a concept for a potential new client. Took something like 3 hours. [yawns] Time for some DDO before I head to bed. However, before I count the stars, and sleep with the sheep, here are a couple of low-res pics from yesterday at IHOP.



^^ L: Laura, R: Julia



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    Li! Your email doesn’t work! Hong Kong was awesome! Beats the hell out of Vancouver weather! I can’t get enough of Hong Kong! Too bad we missed each other.

    So who are these two fine ladies? Your friends no doubt. Are you dating any of them? Can you share? 😉

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    Contact me through the contact section here and I’ll send you my main email.

    As for these two girls, you won’t be able to pursue them in any way, unless Laura and/or Julia breaks out of their religiousness. In other words, you’ll have a better chance succeeding with Kumi Koda or Adriana Lima. 😉

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    Hey you changed it! Used to be ‘twisted’ cuz i was gonna say in rebuttal, “YOU’RE twisted!!!” LOL MUAHAHAHAHA

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    Nah, religion isn’t as twisted as the ‘twisted’ one. Leemanism is much more twisted! We serve weeners to all of our female members. 8]

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