Or, they can be x-rated, depending on what you do at the Emergency room. 8/

So yesterday morning, I called Dr. Tsang and he told me that I should go get a CT Scan at VGH. Pat came by around 9pm, and we got there before 9:30pm. I’m going to skip through a few hours, cuz there is nothing to say about the few hours I spent waiting on my bed, almost naked wearing just the damn cyan colour hospital robe with a thin white blanket…

(30 minutes later…)

[“Stronger” – Sugar Babes]

Dinner. Had to use my left hand to use fork and spoon. Advil sucks my left nut.

Yes, so to continue: …barely covering the lower half of my body. Pat came in around an hour into my wait, and started talking about stuff. Pat noticed Keith Tang working as a resident on our floor, and talked a bit. They went to Steveston High School together.

Anyway, to cut this rather boring entry short, we waited from 9:30pm to 2:15am, before the doctor came in to tell me that my problem is simply a muscle tear/sprain inside my lower right abdomen. At least around 10pm, they took my urine sample and a pint of blood from me, as well as kindly gave me some sort of shot to help minor cuts to heal – something recommended every 10 years. Forgot the name of the stuff though.


^^ On the way there. I was trying to take a picture of the red sun – of course, I knew this would happen using my super low res camera phone.


^^ What a gorgeous view. The docs and nurses have the tendecy to hide pointy things from arms reach…


^^ I look pretty sick eh? Rather, I was just chilling to the sound of the air conditioner blowing air into the room. I was also thinking that my patience is quite good. I also fantasized about an older woman bent over, with her ass in the air, elbows on the bed, hair wild, sweat rolling off her tight sexy body. Mmm… Just chilling to the sound of the air conditioner. [wink]


^^ Patrick, our fearless leader in disguise.

The highlight of the evening was when we went to #9 in Ditchmond at 2:30am. While we ate, he started to become more and more delirious. There was a moment where he did this arm waving technique that cracked me up and killed my stomach, as it was still pretty painful. Also, I heard him say “damn it” – not quite a curse, but close enough. When he’s tired, he gets a bit mean and more manly. I think girls should try to take advantage of him when he gets tired and delirious like that.

[ponders and smirks]

Yes, for those who are interested in him, that was a direct hint. [wink]



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