Sometimes, I feel like an old man and my grandsons come home from overseas and visit me. Sometimes, they bring me a bottle of Port. Other times, they bring me amusing stories. Then there are times like tonight where they bring me bokkens. There’s nothing like bringing an old man a pair of bokkens to remind him of days long passed, when he had fun with the bunch, did lion dancing, and walked to and from the club through rain and sun.

Tune: “Gentle Rays” by Naoshi Mizuta
Mood: A bit nostalgic
Drink: Hmm, I’ll go get some more ice water…

Another good thing about summer is that I can drink ice water without freezing. During the summer, my room is the hottest in the house. During the winter, it is the second coldest room in the house, the first being the washroom downstairs. Aside from last year, my childhood, and spending time at the swings late in the night with Jon, I haven’t had a summer where it was particularily enjoyable. My favorite season is mid Spring where rain is prevailant. I love the sound of thunder and lightning and the heavy down-pour of rainfall. My second favorite season would be early Autumn where the leaves turn orange, red, and yellow and drift endlessly around.

Summer is beautiful at the least. Winter can also be beautiful too. Just that it’s so damn cold. There is nothing like waking up in the morning, open the front door to a foot or two of snow, untrampelled, and the sky is crisp blue. That feeling is very nice and soothing.


^^ Love the bokkens! Domo arigatoo. [bows]

Jon rang me up around 7:20pm today and asked if I was busy. I was doing some finishing touches on a Razor piece and told him to meet me at the garage and we’ll go get something to drink. He came by and gave me two daito bokkens. Their weight seemed off – not nearly as heavy as the ones I had before that I trained with, but they looked really nice. I thought that it was a coincidence because about 4 or 5 days ago when I took my cousin out riding, I saw three men practicing iaido near Cambie school and I was nostalgic for a bit there. Then today, Jon comes by and gives me these two very nice looking bokkens and immediately, I thought, “Awesome! I can now go swing them around when I want time by myself below the stars to think and cast away some stress with those overhead chops.”


Jon suggested a place called E-Canteen, so we went there. As we exited the van, I blurted out something uncanny. I said something like “E-Canteen? It’s like Star Wars. You know? E-Canteen. The Canteen.” Then Jon remarked “How did you get Star Wars from that? Does it say E-Death Star, or E-Darth Vader?” [laughs] I think at the time, I thought about the Canteena on Tatooine, but I couldn’t articulate my words better. [laughs] 8D

Martine and Jon had red bean with ice cream and I had a cold horlicks with seafood congee. Man that was a big bowl of congee. After that, we went over to The Zone Bowling near Silver City and had two games. Martine was a professional 5-pin bowler a few years ago, so Jon scared me about that. Alas, the champ of the game was Jon The King. In the first game, Jon beat Martine and I by more than our scores added together. I had something like 37 and Martine had something like 58. In the second game, Jon got 113, Martine 92 (+?), and I had 80 something. At least I striked once. Jon however, striked 3 times I believe – twice in a row.

And for his amusement, Jon was The King, Martine was Martz, and guess what? I was Sex Toy. Fabulous isn’t it? 8P




^^ Some low-res pics. I’ll make an update of this entry once Jon sends me over the higher-res ones.

And before that, here are some pics taken at the cafe:


^^ Supposedly, I just saw a ghost. Which reminds me, I saw Benny sit in the room across from our table. Benny is the Chief Information Officer at our company. I tried waving at him, but he was caught up with his family.


^^ Before this picture was taken, Jon had a “Will Smith in Detective Mode” expression on his face. Alas, I wasn’t quick enough with the shot. Rather, he looks a bit perverted here doesn’t he? Looks like he’s examining something yummy.


^^ He couldn’t get any cute school girls to strip for him, so he made me do it in their place.


^^ Then the camera was turned around and I asked him to do the same, but he insisted that his belly was uncovered if he flipped his shirt up. I say, unfair? Anyhow, I said, “Fine, take the top two buttons off and…” Before I could finish he says, “This is the first button (pointing to the unbuttoned button at his collar).”

“BASTARD!” I exclaimed with a half-smirk, as I continued, “Sneaky.” So in the end, he took his TOP two buttons off, or rather, his second button off and showed me his manly collar bone and neck. Yippee.


By the way, I found it extremely amusing when Jon was standing next to the bowling rack fondling two bowling balls in his arms. There was a look of uncertainty on his face…

One more thing, as we left the place, driving up #6, a cop tailed us and then pulled us over. As we waited for the officer to come up to us, Jon said, “Leeman, I’ll clobber the police officer with this club.”


The officer had a nice chest – that, or it was her armour. They were baseball size. Perfectly round. Then I noticed her face. Not bad at all. Cute-ish, pony tail, blond, slight raspy voice. [ahem]

Anyway, the thing was something about the registered license had expired. Later when I got home, I asked my dad if his license expired, then the next day he went to update his license and found that it had expired for nearly 1 year!!! Bad bad bad if it had reached 12 months cuz he’ll have to retake the tests to get his license again! 😯

As I drove away, I asked Jon, “So what is this? The 2nd time with you?”

Jon replies, “3rd actually, excluding all the road blocks and stuff.”

“Ah yes, 3rd. You remembered. Like that time when you were going 160 in this van, but told the officer you went something like 110 or 120.” I laughed.

Jon chuckled, “Hey, it was 120.”

Right, my grandma drives 120! Haha… 8D

After that little bit, I said to Jon, “I heard that if you pull a gun out and massage a girl’s huge breasts with the barrel, it will tickle her. Is that true?”

Jon replied, “YES Leeman. From PERSONAL experience, it DOES!”





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    Fong Pei

    well, since the weight is a bit off, you can either tape some lead weights to the bokkens or use them as erotic sex toys. SEX I say!

    p.s. I AM the bowling KING! My airplane dance proves it.

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