Wow, I am so out of it. It’s not 1:32am…

Erm, mhm…



ps: I know it looks like an Egg McMuffin with a blue straw and a tiny pink yoyo beside it, but it’s the thought that counts man… 83

ps2: and I’m sure you won’t hit traffic in Alberta this time, if you come over for AUCE sushi – you know with the snow and all… 8]

ps3: sweet! if only it is 1/6th of the price and still be awesome!

ps4: last one! erm, yeah, check out Patrick’s UPDATED blog site – header graphic created by Pat himself! his site: http://www.patrick-leung.com/


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    Most of me has… WOW, I had an MB fest on Monday. [coughs] Erm, not yet… Still waking up at midnight every day since Monday… [sigh]

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