So after about two weeks of ‘planning’ a get together, Pat, Mindy, Zen (sp?), Laura, and I went to see the Body Worlds 3 exhibition. It was interesting enough, but not worth the $20 – probably more like $15 tops. The place smelled a bit fruity – well, it was either the place, or Laura or Mindy… I think it was Mindy…


^^ Laura and Mindy. Doesn’t Mindy look like a triad boss?

We got there by 6:49pm, waited outside in the cold for Mindy and Zen (sp?) then headed in. We had to wait in line for the 7:45pm show, etc. We saw very artistic layouts of the human anatomy with the penis and testicals still intact on the male specimens. Then fetuses and embryos, etc. We saw smokers lungs – geez, black – all black.

Anyway, no pics from within the show though. Check out the LINK.

After that, Pam skytrained over and then we all went to Minato. [sigh] The waitress – you know, the one with the big hoopy earrings is soooooo cute… Mmmm… So yummy… [smacks lips]


^^ Doesn’t Laura look like Mindy’s lieutenant? She looks deep in thought, wondering how to ‘lo-peen’. 8]


^^ Zen in the background and Pat in the fore…


^^ Doesn’t he look super tired?


^^ Isn’t it uncanny that Laura and Mindy does the exact same facial expressions?


^^ Pam and Laura.



^^ For some reason, these two pictures of Mindy makes me think of dice, cha siu bao, and ducks in a pond. WHY?!?!?


^^ Group pic, and guess what? AT THE EXACT SAME table setting as last time we went there! After the cute waitress took the pic, I looked at it again and cracked up. Look at what Mindy was doing… 8]

L-R: Detective Li, Pam, Laura, Mindy, Zen (damn it, is that how you spell his name?), and Patrick. The waitress is soooooooo cute! [sobs]



^^ Back at Laura’s place. I even have a near-300 meg AVI to complement our time there. Teehee… 8]

Well, today, Jason called me around 2:16pm, and asked me if I remembered that the meeting changed to 1pm instead of the usual 4:30pm. [sigh] Obviously… 8/ AND, Benny just called me now to tell me he’ll come over to drop off the storyboards.

Headache. Need more booze! MORE!



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  1. 1
    Fong Pei

    that is strange that you sat at the same table….did you and Pat end up eating the exact same food too?!

    that group picture is good…but its missing the muscles of Melvin and Albert and my sexiness! haha

  2. 2

    I agree to your sexiness! SEXINESS! And actually, we ordered the EXACT stuff except the Dragon Rolls. Mhm… Plus, we had a total of 5 bottles of large Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo. 8]

  3. 3

    1) YOUUUUUUUU smelled like fruit!!
    2) JUST SAY IT!!! I know you wanted to go fishing in somebody’s cleavage 😉
    3) please send me that AVI when you get a chance… 😀

  4. 4

    1. I wanted to eat fruit for dinner tonight, but my mom forbade it… 🙁
    2. I will die old with a grin and be very happy if I could see two Asian girls lube up and have a bath in milk together. HAHAHAHA… And… NO, YOU’RE GROSSER! Hey, for some reason I could see the expression on Pat’s face now… That ‘man, I don’t want to ever see anyone naked’ look.
    3. Holy crap, I’ll have to burn it for you cuz it came out to be 238 megs!

  5. 5

    And of course I’d be the only one asking….
    Where are the pics of the so called “soooooooo cute waitress”?

    I feel so perverted.

  6. 6

    Unfortunately, no do… Can’t really push for it you know? She looked tired, and plus she was being friendly because it was her duty to. [chuckles] Sometimes, I wonder why I am so attracted to women who work in the food service industry. This isn’t the first time I’ve been attracted to a female that works in a Sushi restaurant. 8]

    Come to think of it, it might have to do with the concept of simplicity. I wouldn’t want to get off work and go home to someone who has problems equally as tiresome as mine. Plus, generally, I found that women who work in the food servicing industry are easier to get along with. They have more ideals of grandeur, they have more dreams that they may find silly and even laugh at them, they have this wonderfulness about them…

  7. 9

    Dude. I work in a resteraunt. I know all about those types of lasses. Fuc…I mean, Fudge! There are a few cuties that I work with. I’d introduce you to some, but you know, distance and all. lol.

  8. 10
    Fong Pei

    was it the same waitress we had last time? i know you have a secret picture hidden deep in your cell phones memory…that’s ok….its our secret.

    5 large Asahi’s, eh? See what happens when your mom doesn’t have me around watching over you?! You drink all those beeeeeeeers

    oh well, I have a lot of your entries to catch up on so off to the next one! *I fly away*

  9. 11

    OMGOSH! You’re right! I should have a picture of her! But damn it will be so low quality… 8/

    AND, ha! I was not even drunk! I was buzzed max! MAX!

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