Jon came back last Wednesday and since then have blasted his way onto and in Leeman’s general direction. The night before, during, and after was no exception. Don’t understand? No need. Just listen for it, maybe even feel for it, as well as sniff for it… 8|

So we had another all-you-can-eat session, and this time at Tokyo Ichiban. Came out to be $14 per person. Good price for good sushi stuffs, and guess what? NO BOOZE for me that night either! WOW! NO WAY! You don’t believe me? Me neither! 😯


^^ That is indeed, a very very messy room. Like, if Tom’s old room was rated at 10 out of 10 for ultra disgusting, Laura’s room would be rated at 6.5 out of 10 for being “Holy Crap Nasty”. Well, I guess “nasty” is too harsh, so more like “Holy Crap Blah”! And no, I wasn’t trying to take a picture of her ass. Though now that I think about it……………


^^ Educated guesses anyone? First person to guess the correct size gets awarded with a personalized pin button from Leemanism.com with your first name and a graphic of some sort, and some wise words that says something like “I GUESSED LAURA’S BUST SIZE!”

BTW, now that I look at her boobies again, they are pretty HUGE eh? HUGE! Like Stewie says to Brian about his gf, “You can use as mountains for your matchbox cars or whatever it is that adults do with large breasts.” 😀


^^ That’s for all the naughty straight boys and naughty lesbians out there! Maybe some curious girls want some too? 😉


^^ Finally ready! Please note that she actually takes a reasonably short while to get ready. So to all you tall Chinese guys out there who are Christian [shudder] and am interested in her, please take a number, then sign here and here and here, and give me a pint of your blood, maybe some of your hair and a piece of your soul…


^^ It looks like Ed’s playing golf eh?


^^ L-R: Ed, me, Jon, Laura, Jenny, and Albert.


^^ NO MORE HOOPY EARRINGS!!! [runs away panicking]


^^ Jon, up close and personal. He’s manly. Who else thinks he’s manly? My mom thinks he’s manly. He’s a manly man. Aka: /////|_Y /////.



^^ Yes, they are. Aren’t they?


^^ Ed looks almost as slender as I do, but he eats more than everyone here.




^^ Albert looks like the doughboy on crack. Can you imagine his face in between Jenny’s crack? Good, don’t tell me how that looks.



^^ Ed took Laura home, and Jenny and Albert went back to Burnaby. Jon and I ended up at E-Spot for 1 and half hours for 8-Ball. In one game, I had a very unskillful consecutive pocket of five balls. FIVE BALLS! Meaning that I pocketed five balls in a row without calling their pockets, and they ended up being pocketed either in the correct holes or in another uncalled hole. There were games where I pocketed 3 consecutively skillfully, but those are far and few.

At the end of the night, I lost 7.5 million Canadian dollars. The total bet could have been about 10 million, but fortunately, I didn’t play too badly. 8]


^^ Laura’s sleepiness. We ended up driving to Laura’s place anyway. She left her Blistex in my van…


^^ I didn’t have a touch of booze, but I was so wacky at her place. Look at that freaky smile!


^^ Indeed, I was trying to milk Jon for all his goodness.


Reminder: Albert, #2, thus Patrick gets #1.



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  1. 1
    Capt. Tabbyman

    Dude, what’s with you and loopy earrings? Um… k…. yeah… I have a thing for loopy earrings too. Hey if we start a electronic music group, let’s call our group AGENT LOOP. Okay, I’m gonna call you now.

  2. 2
    Capt. Tabbyman

    Okay, I called you but you were sleeping… You know, I really like the pic of Laura looking at the mirror. The pose is good. Next time, I’d try another similar candid photo but taken behind her so that the camera is focused on Laura’s reflection off the mirror and herself (foreground) out-of-focus. Also, maybe converting it to B&W? It’d be a great glamour shot. Quite feminine I might add…. =P

  3. 3

    I agree. She can be quite feminine. 8]

    Yeah, so I was sleeping, but we already talked about it a few hours ago at stuff. OH YEAH! Hot. Okay… WoW time…

  4. 4

    I guess that makes 3 of us cuz i like loopy earrings too!! Capt. Tabby, you shoulda come out that night to see them in person!! Oh, and Li can be quite feminine too!! 😉 RrrrRrrrr!!

  5. 5

    Yes, yes I can… BUT the loopy earrings just tops it all off! What you definitely need next are the puppy ears… Possibly a nun’s dress and… Hahaha… That would look so hilarious…. 8]

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