[“Sanctus Kihaku” by Kunihiko Ryo]

Bed time soon. My back’s been killing me. I haven’t had a ‘proper’ massage for… [ponders] …more than 5 months. Hmmm… Yes. Minato on the corner plaza of Oak and W. Broadway – Sunday 27th for 8 at 8pm.


^^ Left to Right: Jenny, Pat (Tabby), Melvin, Emma (Bud), Martine, Fong Pay, Yamate, and Albert (Food).


Edited 09062006: As promised some time some where, more pics! “Hooray for boobies!” – that has become Jenny’s favorite phrase! [fiddles fingers] Excellent… [wink]


^^ Before Minato, Jon, Martine, and I went to the night market in Ditchmond to find something for Martine. On the way walking from the van to the market, a loose rooster walked around. It was like… Erm, hmmm… It was definitely my type of event. Very interesting and amusing indeed… 8]


^^ Pat and the pervert


^^ Emma and the pervert


^^ Melvin, up close and very personal. 8]



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    Fong Pei

    The food that night was pretty good….I was so full that I really didn’t want to drive….it was also really fun grabbing your nippies 😉

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