[“Chinese Burn – Forbidden City Remix” by Paul Van Dyk]


I can’t believe it’s 11:35pm! Usually, by the time I get a bit of my creative juices flowing while listening to music like this, it’s way pass midnight. [smiles]

Do you know what I like about my room? It has a similar feel as to my old office. Too bad I didn’t have a digital camera back then, or I can show you how awesome I made it look. Imagine black lights above – 10 of them, and a stand-up studio lamp with three bulbs at one corner. The walls and carpet was a deep blue. The ceiling was also a deep blue and was open, so you can see the pipes and wires. The main entrance faced eastward, and the back exit to the 3rd floor balcony faced westward. In the mornings, I could see the rays of sunlight glitter through the blinds, and in the evenings, I could see the reflection of light from the sun setting, making the blue walls look platinum. Of course, don’t forget the fish tank with fighting fish, the exotic scenery, and a nice loungy jazz beat playing in the background.

[nostalgic sigh]


My room, though not nearly as beautiful as my office back in the day, it does have traces of it. The arrangement, the way I set the lights up, etc. I hate overhead lights with a passion. I love natural tones, where it always feels comfortable and encourages creativity. The problem though is that this is my room, a place I sleep at, work at, have most of my sex at, and sometimes eat and play at too.

Oh well. It will have to do for now anyhow.


So yesterday – Dec 3rd, Patrick called me around 2:30pm or so and asked if I was going to be free in the evening. I told him that I had an online conference meeting with my team from 4:30pm to 6pm, and that he can just come over at 6pm. Right on time too, he came at 6. I was just finishing up some of my write-ups, changed and decided to go to Aji Taro Sushi. The new waitress there was English-retarded. She ‘took’ our order, but never actually ‘took’ it. So we waited and waited and finally I called the waitress over to ask what was going on with our order. The hostess or manager took her to the back and had a talk with her. Patrick since working in the service/retail business before was quite compassionate of the new waitress. It’s understandable, but that’s not her job to do a bad job.


Anyway, aside from the full course boat and chicken miso noodles, I ordered a small order of Gekkeikan sake and a large bottle of Asahi. Since Patrick doesn’t drink AT ALL, I drank for him. I told myself, “Next time, I’ll make sure to order a small bottle instead.”

Afterwards, we went to E-Spot and had 3 games of pool. It was pretty quick. Pat won all three rounds. Yay! He scored! 8]

We came back to my place, and created our first Stop Motion video of Lord Minion. It was our first SM, though we’ve always wanted to create a movie, greatly inspired by Wong Foo – which BTW Laura, we didn’t get to go cuz we didn’t plan it early enough to get those tickets. Sorry we didn’t get the hot sexy pictures that you wanted. 😉

The SM production was inspired by Lasse Gjertsen, a Norwegian musician of sorts. Check out his ‘amateur’ music:

Awesome eh?

However, I really like this one, titled “Hyperactive:

Lasse is actually quite cute. If I was a girl, I would definitely fly over to Norway and stalk him. [laughs]



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    How long it’d take to create your minion movie? I remember making claymation back in my Arts Umbrella days in elementary school and animated those things was a biatch. hahaha

  2. 2

    A bit less than 10 minutes, cuz there were other parts I didn’t add in, and probably about 15 minutes total to setup and go through the unscript… 8]

    We’ll be doing an actual smoother one later, probably next week or so.

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