Everyone knows that ‘unfortunately’ I am a fishing maniac. When I wasn’t fishing, I had other fishermen (generic word that also incorporate fisher-women) ‘fish’ for/with me. For as long as I remember, as young as I could, fishing was a favorite pass-time that I couldn’t seem to ever change. Though there had been about half a year in the long past (meaning about 11 years ago) that I didn’t fish due to reasons I rather not talk about again.

So what is The Fisherman’s Challenge? The TFC is what Ms. Spongey has challenged me to do. This is the criteria:

– cannot fish for one month
– I am allowed to fish as much as I want for one day every 30 days
– however others are allowed to fish for/with me any time in the 30 days

– in return, she has to meet a fishing quota of at least twice a week

I think that’s pretty fair……. She suggested once every two weeks but I think once every month would be a real challenge. It WILL drive me friggin crazy. Alas, starting Monday at 12:01am, the challenge will start. Of course, if Spongey breaks her “at least twice a week”, then I believe I am able to break it once for every week she doesn’t meet the quota.

Seriously, I don’t know how I am going to survive by not fishing. It is mainly a medical condition that I must fish. However, I do notice that when I fish so often, I can only ‘catch’ smelt, but if I don’t fish for a long time, I will be able to ‘catch’ sockeye or salmon, or maybe even sturgeon! I think if I don’t fish for a month, I may even be able to ‘capture’ a massive blue whale or a lochness monster!

That means NO fish for 30 days at a time! HOLY CRAP!



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    The password is at the end of the Chum Cha in the “Who’s Li?” section. Mind you, there is a reason why I PW protected it. So brace yourself for some stuff that resembles a mildly evil version of myself… 8/

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