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^^ Brandon, The Horndog and his sidekick, The Chin Hair Cutter taking a picture together during a break somewhere…





^^ Having a try with my bike. He told me the seat poked him squarely into his butt when he went down a curb. T_T



^^ Some really great artwork at the basketball court in front of the East Community Centre at H.J. Cambie Secondary.




^^ Unfortunately, I did promise him a year ago that I would let him have a play at WoW. His dad didn’t get him this game cuz he felt he would get addicted. Well, he’s nearly there.



^^ Tehehe, he was finally able to shapeshift into a bear. So cute. 83




^^ Fortunately, we still went out and rode our bikes almost every day for about 20 minutes to an hour each. Those last two were pretty cool shots eh?


^^ My youngest aunt on my mom’s side. Also known as “Brandon’s Mom”.


^^ She is indeed, posing for the shot. I had to ask three times, but this one was alright.


^^ His family came by on Sunday or was it Monday? Yes, so they came by, had dinner and checked up on him.


^^ Christina and Happy. My aunt had often been mistaken for Christina’s older sister. Especially when my aunt wears some very trendy clothes, dyes her hair a nice dark brown streaked colour and wear form fitting feminine clothes – same as Christina. That’s probably why Albert goes damn nuts when he sees my aunt and Christina. [wink]


^^ L-R: Zoe, my aunt, Christina holding Happy, and my mom.






^^ I was going a ‘little’ nuts, and…


^^ ….fortunately, I was at work when (L-R” Adon, Alex, and Brandon) two of my other cousin nephews dropped by for some craziness.


^^ My bi-weekly meetings with Razor helped me to relax. Mind you, Brandon isn’t a handful. He’s the most mature cousin out of all the young uns in the family. ^_^




^^ Happy happy happy… Woof!

It was arranged late last month that Brandon were to come over here for a week, and he finally came over two weeks ago on a Friday while I was at work. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but things were good. Unfortunately, 3 days into his stay here, his heart murmur acted up and his dad came over to pick him up and took him to the Richmond Hospital. He came back here with 6 bandages of sorts and a bunch of needle holes. It happened right after we went for a bike ride, then as he sat of the swings, his expression changed and his lips went gray.

I wasn’t scared nor was I worried, but I did care for him and stuff. Unlike most people I know, I feel that to panic and to worry expressively only brings further discomfort. So why further a misfortune by negatively adding to the atmosphere?

Anyway, after that was over and done with, things were good. We joke and laugh, and man can he burp and fart, and we talk about stuff that normally (I guess) little boys don’t talk about at that age, but it IS that age where we explore our bodies and realize what feels good and what doesn’t. Hell, I started to mb when I was 5, and noticed I loved boobies by 10.

By the way, I still don’t undertstand why anyone would deny the knowledge of sex and masturbation to their children, regardless of their age. You tell them if they ask, but you also educate them about it. Rather than simply saying “No”, teach them about it, give them an idea, and tell them the why’s and how’s, and tell them the dangers, the responsibilities, the diseases, etc. You know?

Aside from those talks, we watched tons of movies and cartoons, and we went out for dimsum and congee and noodles, and walked around Aberdeen and talked and laughed, and stuff. It was fun. It’s nice to have a young soul in the house. It keeps my dad ‘soft’ and brings a smile to my mom’s face. For me, Brandon keeps me away from spending too much time in front of the computer. Not only do we hang out, but I have to look after him to some degree. Make sure he goes to bed at 11pm, remind him to do stuff, brush his teeth clean, wash his hands before eating, and stuff.

Taking it easy you know? I also had to constantly watch myself – my temper, patience, and the way I handle him. I also had to remind myself that although some kids nowadays are smart asses, he is still a young inexperienced boy, and I shouldn’t be too rough on his mistakes.


And no, I won’t make a good father. It’s one thing to be like an older brother, but a completely different thing to be a dad.

One last thing – I don’t quite like how his cousins are influencing the way they are upon him. It’s great that his cousins are sporty, etc, but to expose him to things such as sexual endeavors with big breasted 13 year olds and bragging about how they kissed and how so and so had played with each other’s privies, etc, is well, just a bit too much I believe. Plus, this is not a right or wrong aspect. They are simply doing things like “This is great, and everyone does it, and if you don’t, we’ll laugh at you because you’re such a noob” sort of negativity. They may not say that exactly, but the way they act is like that.

It’s not just about bragging about sex and kissing and relationships at their early teens, but it’s also about trends and anti-individuality. What I noticed about Brandon is that sometimes, he tries to ‘like’ the things I like, but you know what I do? I stop and ask him “I don’t think you really like doing this. Tell me what you want to do, and I’ll consider it.”

That’s how I got him to open up his thoughts more, and tell me stuff. Now, he’s able to say no without feeling too bad about it. Unfortunately, he’s leaving this evening, and spending 2 or 3 weeks of the year here, and then moving back to such a negative environment (amongst other negative things) is well, just simply and utterly bad and useless.

When he was a baby, I had bathed him in a little plastic tub, put a rubber ducky on the water, and placed a small towel on his bald head. He looked so cute. I’ll dig that photo up and scan it here in the near future. I remember when he got older and learned how to talk, my mom had cut his hair, and I took him upstairs to wash his head. Man, he was crying, worried that it would hurt, and have water go into his eyes. That one ‘wash’ took nearly an hour for a tiny head as his. Then two years after that, I taught him how to ride two wheels without his training wheels. That made me really happy that he was able to take that ‘leap’ and just do it without feeling pressured by his peers.


And no, I won’t make a good teacher, despite what Laura said. Trust me when I say that I am actually very bad at explaining things to people.

Later yesterday (Friday), I took him out for a 45 minute bike ride and I tried teaching him how to lift his bike off a bump so both wheels come off the road. He wasn’t successful, but he tried and that was good. As he headed to the distance to get a good start, an older Asian woman and (presumably) her cute daughter walked by, and oddly, I couldn’t stop looking at her, especially when she kept glancing back at me. After we got home, I laughed to myself and thought, “I’m getting really old.”

Anyway, we took a shower in two separate bathrooms, had dinner, played some WoW, each had orange flavored popsicles, and then some dessert my mom made, played more WoW, and then got him into bed, said our good nights, etc, and now I’m here typing this. I told him that after he comes back from dimsum with my parents tomorrow, come wake me up regardless of the time, and we’ll play some WoW, go out for a bike ride and see if he can fly off the bump, and then come back here for a light dinner before his dad comes to pick him up.



PS: I’m The Chin Hair Cutter, because about a week ago, I was in the bathroom shaving my face, and he kept saying “That thing, what do you call that? The Chin Hair Cutter! Do you use the Chin Hair Cutter to cut the hair on your face? Does it hurt?”

Something like that. I couldn’t stop laughing every time he said “Chin Hair Cutter”. 8D

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