I am odd at times, I admit, but I must stress that ever since mid-day, I’ve been a little obssessed with The Tabby. Not Pat the Tabby, but Tabby the fuzzy gray cat. The word “Tabby” sounds very cute. Actually, it also reminds me of caramel candy – the chewy ones.


PS: Pat, you know, don’t persist with the whole Flora thing. I don’t want her to think I am a friggin desperate horny bastard! No no no! Impulse is good sometimes, but persistently it isn’t quite realistic. I have a work schedule to meet. BOOBIES! (Oops, I had to get that out of my system) If it’s convenient for everyone, then fine. If it isn’t then whatever.

PPS: I can’t get Harshbutfair’s comment out of my mind in one of Angel_Ron’s posts – “A little too much makeup… a little too short a dress… and you’d be all “me love you long time.


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    I pondered on whether to put kitties on her nipples or not, because well, this site is kitty-friendly… [laughs lamely] Yes, I know, I’m lame… E83

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    *_* Tabbies are EVIL!!! PURE EVIL I TELL YA!!! It came upon tither, whilst I was an unripened age of 10. I was at my cousins’ house, outside in their yard, approaching their tabby Porky in a friendly gesture. What does he do as I draw near and stoop down to pet him? He jumps up and uses my naked legs as a scratching post!! Clawing downwards, i bolted up the stairs to the porch screeching my head off. The war had commenced…

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    Aya… Well… If Porky is still here today, I might just give him an interview. Maybe it was scarred from the whole ordeal… It was probably thinking, “GIANT FLESH BEING SCARY, it protrudes something long to grab me! OH NOES!” [claw] [claw] [claw] [claw]

    OR maybe he wanted some love and didn’t know how to climb up to your face, where it wanted to make acquaintence with thinking, “I would love to cuddle with this flesh being’s giant ball up there…”


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