That’s Pat, or Patrick, or Captain Tabbyman, or sometimes, I refer him as T-Bone or Sirloin in my head.

^^ He came over around 7 Monday evening to have some dinner and watch the Weatherman with me. However, he had to wake up really early that morning to do something, thus by the time we reach not even mid-way, he was already falling asleep. That’s one of my minions sitting next to him.

^^ Here, you can see he’s making peace with my minion, or maybe he’s checking to see whether my minion is a guy or a girl…

^^ I guess he couldn’t figure out, so he started interrogating it. “Hey, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It’s your choice Mr/s. Minion.”

^^ My minion persisted and resisted. Of course! I would expect nothing less! 8]

^^ In his unsuccessful efforts, Pat decided to leave for home. Upon exiting my house, he looked over to the lamp at the fork up ahead and said that it looked so cool with the illumination of the light on the snow.

^^ So with the help of my super heavy duty professional tripod, we took a picture of the front of my house around 10pm. No, I did not turn Sepia on. That is a natural picture. The timing is totally off, so don’t refer to the time.

^^ Next morning, my dad wanted me to take pictures of him and the surroundings to be sent back to HK. This is a pic of the path that leads up to our house.

^^ Two pics of the interior of my house. This would be the main family room. Reason why our gas prices for the winter are a bit higher than others is because of the high ceiling here… [sigh] The light in the upper floor is my room in the second pic.

^^ Starting the next day (29th), the temperature went back up. Blue skies as you can see really meant super hard ice for the roads and walkways. I was trying to take a better pic of the jetstream in the third pic.

Anyway, today’s highest degrees celsius was +3, so that’s good. No more snowing for now, but it was snowing non-stop for the last week. According to the news, this November was supposedly the coldest for many years, and it was also this month that it snowed the earliest. It usually snows at the end of December, and the most heaviest around January and February.



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  1. 1

    I am jealous,all we have had in England is rain and mud,with no snow in sight.You should of told Pat that x marked the spot.Jees!! am I glad its weekend.I feel the way Pat looks.x

  2. 2

    Well, we had rain for 4 and a half weeks straight, with only 1.5 days without. Fortunately, I wasn’t here for 3 of those weeks, so… 8]

    [laughs] Yeah, I should have told him. I guess it wasn’t apparent! Haha! 8]

  3. 3

    Some of those pics are rad!! 🙂 Looks like they were pulled off the set from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”

    Why don’t you guys just rent out the extra high ceilings to make up for the extra expenses on heating? 😉

    You should title the pic of Pat sitting on your bed with, “Another unknowing victim innocently sits on Salty Wet’s bed.”

  4. 4

    ++You should title the pic of Pat sitting on your bed with, “Another unknowing victim innocently sits on Salty Wet’s bed.”++

    Remember that time you came over to my house with Jon for the first time? And you were sitting on my bed when I tossed June’s old egg dildo into your lap? Yeah… [laughs]

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