The other night – Saturday April 1st, I went to Savage Driving Range with Edmund. It was about 8pm, and it was freakin cold for some ungodly reason! The whole time I thought, while I listened to Ed drive his balls down the range was well of course… 8/ Every time he hit the ball, I would take time to enjoy the sound of it. I even said to him, “I like the sound of it when you hit them.”

I sat there, observing and thinking… “Yeah I know, my friends and family are now completely against her, and yes, my logic and reasoning says she is a total bitch, but why does my heart feel otherwise?” I pondered, and pondered, and pondered. Then Ed shoves the driver into my face and says, “Go hit some balls!”

After two buckets, he packed the irons away and we went back into the range, got him a MDG, and a Kokanee for myself. Sat down, and just chilled for 30 minutes. Then called Albert and we met up at Also Lounge. At two martini’s, I said to Ed, “Man, I was going to take her here!” Then he shook his head at me and replied, “You gotta stop thinking about that!” And I was like, “Yeah, I know I know…”

Two or three (can’t remember with all the alcohol floating in my blood) of the waitresses were pretty hot. The long hair one… Actually they were all long haired. I mean, the cutest one looked really yummy. The other two were pretty yummy too… Actually, was there four? [sigh] I think I would have flirted like crazy if [ahem] A) I didn’t dress like a slob that night, B) I didn’t have toque hair, C) I wasn’t feeling like crap, and D) I had more to drink. Actually C and D would have cancelled each other out… Eventually… 8]

So that night, live jazz was playing, the atmosphere was quite chilled, the waitresses were ‘nice’ (cuz they had to be), and the drinks were cheap(er). Mind you, the friggin food was more expensive for small amounts. Hmm… I also saw Carlo’s sister there too.

Anyway, I had an After Eight’s martini, another martini, 2 Asahi beers, a shooter of Bailey’s, and then something on fire… Waitress came over, asked if I wanted another one, and I said, “Surprise me.” Then she asks, “Would you like something sweet…” And I said, “How about something for a broken-heart?” [laughs] She makes an “awww” sound, and continues, “I know exactly what to get you for a broken heart.”

As she walked away, I grinned and laughed and said to Ed and Albert, “That ‘what to get you for a broken heart’ drink probably costs an arm and a leg!” Then they laughed and lone behold, she comes back with a straw in a cloth, and a brownish drink in a martini glass. It was flaming blue – on fire I mean. Behind her was the bartender and another waitress. She told me to keep sucking until everything is gone. I cocked my eyebrow and she again persisted, “Just suck it.”

I wanted to laugh, but anyway, I placed the straw in, and sucked. She then took two shooters – one blue and one whitish, and poured into the drink I was sucking. HOLY MIGHTY MIGHTS! I was ‘drunk’ instantly! WOW!

You know what? Come to think of it, that drink felt like a One Night Stand (ONS)… [laughs]

Man… I don’t want to turn out as a… BLAH!


Our umm, bill came out to be almost a hundred bucks. [cough] Mind you, it was not nearly as much as back in the day… [laughs] Back in the day… [laughs] Haha, nevermind…


After Eight’s… Very nice… That’s not the name of that particular drink, but I like this name… It’s the name of the first martini I had that night.



Anyway, there have been quite a few times I wanted to call her, just to hear her voice again. [chuckle] I remember she used to tell me that my voice is comforting to her – one of the very few things she will miss if and when we break-up (again).

Was going to go cycling with Carlo yesterday, but he was too tired. Was going to chill with Pat last night, but he had homework to do for some weight training class. So I ended up going over to Marlon’s. On the way up Fraser, I kept scolding myself loudly while listening to rock music, “I AM DRIVING UP FRASER, to Marlon’s. HE IS EXACTLY 7 street blocks from HER HOUSE! I don’t believe this! I AM DRIVING UP FRASER, and I AM NOT GOING TO HER HOUSE!” I kept repeating that from 60th street all the way to umm, 33rd street, where he lives. Cindy lives on 26th, connecting Fraser Street.

Drove me fucking nuts!

Well, actually something happened between 9:40pm and 10:00pm, but I won’t say what. Only Marlon knows… [grinning, baring fangs]

AND NO DAMN IT! I didn’t do what you guys/girls thought I did! NOPE, nothing like that! 8P

Yeah, so I went over to Marlon’s place last night, from 10pm to 1am. I brought tea over. We talked while his son played. I felt peace. I told him when I am with Albert, it feels like I have to dawn my battle armour, and bring a part of my army to greet him. Though a simple stroll around the sakura garden, or tea and chess under a peaceful setting, it always feels like I am in the presence of a hardened general. On the other hand, it feels like I am in the presence of a cleric when with Marlon. I don’t have to bring my ashigaru, samurai, or hatamoto with me. I just have to bring tea.

ps: Marlon mentioned that Cindy resembles Virginia… “In some ways” he said… Creepy… DAMN!

Bah weep granah…… o_O O_o

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