My Thought Process


  1. Generalizations
  2. Sexual Maturity
  3. Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice
  4. What Dating Should Be
  5. Honest Open Communication With Some Breathing Room
  6. What Society Looks Like
  7. Being Truly Open Minded

1. Generalizations

I will at times, make generalizations about people who behave a certain way, but it doesn’t apply to 100% of all people on the planet specific to that generalization. It only applies to the people that fit that generalization and even then, it primarily applies to the people I’ve communicated with as a collective. For example, I could say, “Turtles often times try to be obnoxious halfwits that try to diminish the words of anyone that counter their generalizations about Frogs being a certain way.” In this scenario, it seems like I am speaking about all Turtles, but I am actually pointing out of all of the Turtles I’ve communicated with, the majority of them behave that way. So if you’re a Turtle and you don’t make vast generalizations about Frogs, then clearly, this doesn’t apply to you. You know the Turtles that pounce on Frogs who say “but not all frogs”? Exactly. Don’t say “but not all turtles”. 😉

Indeed, I could use the word “some”, but I don’t need to. Just as you don’t use the word “some” either. 😉

2. Reading Perspective & My Friends

This blog was established April 1st, 2006, after a romantic relationship had gone bad. I needed a place to vent. In the process of exposing my life, I had also included explicit sexual details of my desires, experiences and comedic stories. Of course, the lewdness is kept to a minimal, but you’re still going to see Rated M related posts. You might even get a glimpse of sexually charged images, without full-on nudity, because my host doesn’t allow that sort of thing. Regardless, you will of course have the option to read those blog posts, but at the same time, must be aware that these are my thoughts and experiences. You don’t have to like them or agree with them. I’m not asking you to partake in my ideas and fantasies. I am only sharing. So this means you will need to have the maturity and perspective to understand that not everyone shares your idea what sex, intimacy, and romance is. Just as I won’t enforce my ideas onto you. The most I will do is give guidance and perhaps even give my personal, non-objective opinion about certain things. Ultimately, my ideals are still my own. If you don’t share and accept them, then of course, you’re entitled to have your own principles. No one is wrong here per se. We’re just different.

Also, my friends do not necessarily follow or even support my views. I know some of my friends have a certain social prestige and reputation they need to uphold, to stay in their positions of authority. It is unfortunate, but such is life. However, with that said, this is my little disclaimer telling people that just because I have associations with certain people, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re the same types of people. People can be dynamic. People can have variations in their friendships differing from what most people think they see, versus whom they are comfortable with. My friends are comfortable with me, because I don’t give a shit about pretentious social protocols and their values. I don’t try to fit in. I don’t wear the latest trends. I don’t care about Apple products. I only care that I enjoy what is available and I have a preference for what is comfortable for my well being. Everyone else can fuck off. That is why most of my friends find it comforting to be with me. They can be themselves without feeling harassed and judged by society’s hammer of bullshit.

3. Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice

I am pro-choice, if what you decide to do with your own body and your own private space does not affect other people. I am pro-life, if whatever you choose to do to your own body and your own private space affect other people.

Pro-choice & the application of “my body, my rules”:

    Until the fetus is born, the fetus (or however the mother defines it) is a part of her body. Her body, her rules. Being anti-abortion, doesn’t make you pro-life. You’re pro-life, when you value people whom are living, than fetuses that aren’t even born yet. When I celebrate and/or congratulate a woman who has become pregnant, I am celebrating the person and their decision to bring life into this world. I am not celebrating the future baby. While you might see me ‘talk’ to the belly of a woman, I am mostly doing it for the woman’s feelings and well being. If you see or hear me weep for a woman’s loss of a future baby, I am mourning the feelings and well being of the woman.
    This includes people who keep reading other people incorrectly. The waitstaff at the cafe being friendly to you, isn’t necessarily flirting with you. It’s their job to make you feel welcomed. Don’t keep them for too long, and don’t bother them. Also, people dressed a certain way doesn’t mean you’re automatically allowed to touch and harass them, unless otherwise noted. So a woman who is wearing a super short skirt, showing her thong, and oiled-up cleavage is obviously showing herself off, but this doesn’t mean you get to grope her. She’s most likely not doing it for you. This 100% consent thing is also absolute in existing relationships, unless otherwise noted.

Pro-life & why “my body, my rules” doesn’t apply:

    If you live amongst like-minded people only or mostly, or live alone, and never interact with others not like you, then do whatever you want. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you do to yourself. However, if you share a space with people whom aren’t like you, you must be mindful of their health and sanity. Not doing so, not only makes you an obnoxious fucktard asshole, but you’re also telling everyone you’re willing to burden the livelihoods of other people for your sole benefit. You know people on the road who cut other people off, or change lanes without signalling, or take a parking space quickly when someone else is maneuvering into it, or cutting in line, or cyclists that run stop signs and red lights? Yeah, you’re the same as them. So unless you have a medical reason not to get vaccinated or mask up, you’re responsible, like the rest of us, in showing common basic courtesy to everyone else that share a common space with us.You know what I do at night when I want to listen to music? I put on headphones. You know even though I have a hard time breathing through my nose, I put on a mask when I know I will be interacting with other people, especially service-workers. You know when I am riding my bike and want to pass cyclists ahead of me, I call out “On your left” to make them aware I am passing them. You know before I go to a line-up, I make sure someone else isn’t already waiting ahead of me by asking those around me if they are. You know on the transit bus if there are elderly or those who need a rest or is disabled, I immediately reach out to them and offer my seat. If you don’t do these basic common things, then you’re a fucking asshole. Go jump off a high cliff for all I care.

4. What Dating Should Be

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, dating is not about trying to shape a person to fill in what you believe is ‘The One’. Dating should be about you exposing yourself to the possibilities out there, which means you shouldn’t be dating one person at a time. You should be dating multiple people at a time. Only then, will you be able to understand what relationship dynamics work the best for you, but more than that, it will allow you expand your experiences. Which in turn will help you filter out the things that work and the things that don’t. It will help evolve you, allow you different perspectives, give you a taste of what you otherwise might not have considered doing. At the end of it all, you will gradually get a sense of who you are as an individual, what you need, and how to achieve them. If someone comes along, great, then they are possibly good for you for that time period of your life. If they evolve with you, even better. Then at least, you know would might have found The One.

People often times put too much emphasize on the idea that dating is about settling down with one person. Which can be quite an emotional burden. You’re forced to live a certain way, with a ticking timer, making you feel you need to find someone as soon as possible. Alas, dating is just a part of your existence. You shouldn’t look at it as a means to an end. Instead, you should look at it as a gateway that branches off into other aspects of your life. Dating is a doorway into another phase of existence. It isn’t a tunnel that leads to a room with small locked windows.

5. Honest Open Communication With Some Breathing Room

I am of the mind that people should communicate their general expectations right off the bat with the personal disclaimer that not everything is set in stone, so their potential partners can have some breathing room. Of course, whatever you set as ‘what’s NOT set in stone’, is relative to what you need in a relationship. Alas and unfortunately, the majority of society is too prudish and immature to accept direct and honest communication right off the bat. The majority of society doesn’t appreciate honest to the point communication for all of the things that matter. The majority of society only appreciates honest communication when and if it suits their ideal toxic positivity. It’s obnoxiously tiresome and boring as fuck.

6. What Society Looks Like

The following is what society roughly looks like.

Most of society is NOT the red part. The red part is in fact, what media tells all of society what society is. The reality is that society is ALL of those colours and not just the red part.

The red part are all of the peasants of common society. They are the humans you see in movies that make up the bulk of that scummy shit most of us are sick of watching or worst, know of. They are the rich, the middle class, and the poor. There is no differentiation based on their wealth. It comes down to their attitudes. They love Apple products. They love Samsung. They love Teslas. They love pointy shoes. They love gossip, even if they say they hate it. They love to sneer at people who are direct communicators when they feel it to be awkward topics. They are people that try to fit in all of the damn time, even if they say otherwise. They are the pretentiously obnoxious socially-driven rats that carry the disease of echo-chamber rhetoric and assumptions. AKA, the red blob is made up of all sorts of Kevins and Karens of varying levels. The smaller orange blobs along the boundaries of the red blob are the outliers that still fit within what is acceptable to media’s social standards, but are still frowned upon because they’re not following protocol properly. The smaller orange blobs don’t fit in fully, but they still ‘do their best’ when it suits their fancy. Basically, pretentious obnoxious halfwits who bore me more than anything, but I still greet and smile at them whenever I can. Better to live amongst the blinding deathly light while hidden in the comfort of darkness, than to live like an outcast and treated like one. 😉

The green part are people who don’t adhere to the proper social standards of what media says is acceptable or not. They are your vampire princes, the alchemists, the pied pipers who have their own laws and their own social standards. In other words, their social standards are not a commonality, even amongst the green people, but rather, an expression of themselves and their own principles. They live amongst society as strangers, and while not necessarily feared, definitely the red people think of the green people as snobs because of the paranoia the red people self-induce when being triggered by seeing the green people do their own things. The mossy green blobs are the outliers of these vampires. These outlying vampires not only not adhere to any standards, but they don’t adjust themselves to even the loose standards of the vampire princes. It’s not that they don’t fear the vampire princes, but rather, they simply don’t care enough to bother with it. It’s not like the vampire princes will make an effort to hunt down a common vampire just to settle a petty score. Common vampires are an irritation at the most. At their least, they mind their own business most of the time, and make do with what they have, only giving into media’s social ideals whenever it suits their needs.

The blue part are what makes up the rest of society. They are the werewolves, the Sasquatches, the Ogopogos of society. They don’t care about the law of the land. They only care about their own laws. They very hesitantly adhere to the law of the land when they need to. The light blue blobs represent the outliers of the major group of outliers. They are your psychopaths, sociopaths, very cruel disgusting people, insanely sane people with deep seething secrets, and people whom have been probed by aliens to come back as spies for the aliens. 😉

What’s crazy about all of these groups, is that they are a danger to each ring. Yet, we all coexist to some degree, not knowing precisely what each of us are exactly. I keep reading, “He was a good kid” or “She was a wonderful loving person”, yet these same people committed some atrocious crimes against humanity. It goes to show just how twisted peoples interpretations could be, coinciding the circumstances of their relationship to those people. It’s like they are doing a runabout way to saying, “I’m a good person! I’m a wonderful loving person! I will never do the things my kid/my wife did!” 😉

7. Being Truly Open Minded

I often hear people say they are open minded, but have proven otherwise about 98% of the time. Indeed, open mindedness is relative to the individual’s overall perception of what is available in the world and interpretation of what they are capable of, but in that sense, then even the most conservative people are relatively open minded, aren’t they? 😉

In short, you’re not open minded just because you say you are opened to possibilities, but never engage those possibilities. Society is a globulus shaped collective. It twists, pinches, expands, and collapses according to the times and conditioning of individuals over a long period of time. It will always stay globulus as things progress accordingly.

You’re not open minded if you fit within your social standing of what is considered normal. You’re not open minded if you don’t fully fit within your social standing of what is considered normal, even if you’re an outlier. You’re only really truly open minded, if you give yourself permission to expand your horizons beyond your personal preferences, similar to the social rings in #6 “What Society Looks Like”.

For example, you’re a 21 woman and you think fucking a 42 year old man is disgusting, then you’re not open minded. If you’re a heterosexual man, and you’re not into getting fucked in the ass by someone else regardless of what ornament they use inside of you, then you’re not open minded. If you don’t enjoy licking cum off your man’s cock after he came all over your face, that’s not being open minded. If you don’t eat raw fish, then you’re not open minded. If you’re not into eating mostly raw beef, then you’re not open minded.

You may laugh and say all of these things are personal preferences, but that’s the thing. Open mindedness doesn’t care about your personal preferences. Just like science doesn’t care about your personal opinions. You can’t say you’re open minded, and then opt out of most of everything that is available to you. You can however say you’re open minded, if you would try almost everything you are aware of, at least once. It’s the attitude.

Open mindedness can pertain to levels of comfort, but it cannot pertain to a short range of what you’re only comfortable with. Hence the word “open”. People can have their preferences, but within those preferences, people who are open minded also have a large buffer range beyond their preference.

For me, this is how I am open minded:

  • I’ve had primarily Asian-ethnic women for the majority of my life as intimate and sexual partners. I prefer them. However, I was and still am opened to non Asian-ethnic women. Hence, my wife being Caucasian from Germany.
  • The majority of my intimate partners were fit and petite. My wife is chubby.
  • I prefer women with long dark hair. My wife is naturally mousey blonde and at one time, for half a year, she had a buzz cut.
  • I like all the defaults of sexual intercourse, but am opened to having my wife or a partner fuck me in the ass or even rim me.
  • I am opened to all women, so long as they can fully consent to sex. This means young and old within the laws of the land AND within their mental capacity to do so.
  • I can also eat most types of foods, except blood tofu and worms. I won’t eat worms, but I’ve tried BBQ insects and have tasted blood tofu before. The blood tofu made me gag. The bugs are okay, but not something I would go out of my way to eat again.
  • I have voted for politicians from the Liberal Party, the NDP, the Green Party, the Excalibur Party, another independent, and the Conservative Party to match the times, and the candidate’s abilities. I am an ardent supporter of grass roots Conservative politicians who adhere to the authenticity of Canadian values such as being pro-LGBTQ+, pro-women’s rights, and pro-climate change policies to reduce our footprints. I am not a fan of the Liberal Party, but will vote for them to oust a potential hostile candidate whose policies are harmful to the authenticity of Canadian values. I like the NDP’s overall message, but they are not a strong party federally. They have too much negative history. The Green Party has their hearts in the right place. I will vote for them locally and maybe even provincially, but not federally, as their heads are definitely not quite right for what the country as a whole needs. I’ve voted Independents for local MP and city council before. I want to vote Independents federally, but they have no parties to back their agendas.
  • I don’t care about one’s ethnicity, so long as their culture conditioning doesn’t hinder our individual welfare and ability to function within the community and beyond that.