[“Structure Two” – Phoenelai (LINK)]

This song sounds like one of my older ones. You know? I wish I can go back to tracking music. I think it would make me be a bit happier. It might even help me release some of my ‘hidden’ anger.

I spent the day out with Albert and Jenny. He came and picked me up around 2pm, went to Chinatown by 3pm, walked around to look for a glass case for the Lord Guan statue Jenny got him, then picked up a wok for Jenny’s cooking activities. We went to quite a few places, even to a bakery that I haven’t been to for more than 20 years.

More than 20 years… At first, I didn’t recognize it, but as I scanned the room, some vague images of mirrors on the walls, and orange couches, wooden tables, and beige floors came back. I was really young back then. That was when Chinatown was the heart of the Chinese population. Now, Richmond is the heart of the Chinese population. [sigh]

Hmmm… A lot of questions were exchanged between Albert and I today. I don’t want to reiterate any of them here but it was almost tiring.

Basic question for myself – “Am I a dreamer?” or rather, “Am I dreaming?”






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    Li, did you create those images? I particularly like the 2 image of the tower. Very mesmerizing! It literarlly makes you stop in awe…

  2. 2

    No, I didn’t create those. Those two towers is actually the same building. It is being built in Dubai, UAE as the world’s tallest building. That entire city is going to be super futuristic. Here’s a link: CLICK HERE

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