(Playing “Beyond Raging Waves (With Shinichi Kinoshita)” by DJ Krush)

I like this one particular piece from DJ Krush. I don’t want to explain why though. Let’s just say, it reminds me of my duties now with help from the past.

As you can see, I changed a few things. If you go to LeemanCheng.com or Leemanism.com, you will go to a ‘main navigation’ page. BEFORE I created this blog, I had the initial concept of using the two domains above as the forwards to my online portfolio. Since I no longer need my online portfolio, I’m going to open up an online gallery for some of my newer artwork. Since 2002, I’ve sold a few of my artwork framed. They are priced lowest at $400 to highest $900 per piece. Each certified, signed and numbered, and there is a limit to each series of course.

Anyway, I have way too much work to do for the FTX project – no one knows what this project is about, except for my ex, Pat, and myself of course. It’s a huge hush-hush project. [sigh] You know? My ex was the first person to see the UI I created for the project X. She should be honored to have first dibs on viewing such a huge project. Considering, I wasn’t even supposed to in the first place. [sigh] Hmm, I have to confess, and PLEASE DO NOT SCOLD ME, but hopefully she’ll think about me for a split second if and when she sees my UI spread out across Canada in a year.

Yeah, it will take a year for it to go public – the minimal time. That’s stage four I think.

Yes, so that’s all I can say. Not allowed you know. Somehow this reminds me of something called ‘Anal Leakage’.


So you might be wondering why “Black & Red”? It’s really simple actually. If you figure it out, I’ll reward you with something yummy. Wild guesses NOT accepted of course. 8]

I’m getting really sleepy… BUT MUST NOT GO, SLEEP, Ahhh…

So I just finished my 2nd day of my exercise program. Everything is sore, including my quads and inner thighs. Been riding at gears 2-6 for all up-hills. Crazy for someone who hasn’t really rode anything for over 1.5 years. Though I rode my bike about 4 or 5 times in February and March this year, it wasn’t really considered exercise, since I didn’t take my medication.


Chow meen with chicken and loads of spicy oil stuff. Mmmm… Ever since the last few weeks before we broke up, I’ve had major cravings for spicy stuff and whiskey. I like Scotch, but not like this… I mean, I drink it nearly like water. NOT that I drink it every day, but I do drink it whenever I can. 8]

Time for another test!

From time to time, I find most of these tests (all of them actually) a waste of energy and time. However, many ‘surprisingly’ are quite accurate. You be the judge.

Check out the new “Silly Things” section on the left side menu.


PS: I might have forgotten something. If I did, remind me and I’ll get to it… 8]


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