Tonight’s meeting with Razor was pretty long, but tis all good. Got a bunch of little stuff done. Damn lapdog needs more ram! There goes another $120. If you can stay away from Vista, please do. Unless you’re a Mac-type user who likes the shininess and cute-things, then go right ahead and get Vista. [sighs]

Bad choice on my part really. I should have known better.

Anyway, I was going through Viv’s profile and came across her About Me. She has “Loving, carefree, flawed, beautiful.” – coupled with this song called “Halfway Through The City” by Masia One (listen below), I couldn’t help but smile after I read that. The key words being “flawed” and “beautiful” in the same sentence.

People often and usually put up a blurb about themselves – their interests, and their work, etc, etc, and others use some form of wit and charm to describe their persona. However, I really like Viv’s description of herself. It’s to the point, clear, and sexy. To describe oneself as flawed and beautiful coinciding the ‘limited’ reading of what I think she is like, she’s someone I can really adore.

For those with a tight ignorance, to adore someone of the opposite gender does not necessarily translate to being in love with her . It’s like a connoisseur of fine wines, or in this case, a fine lady.


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