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I’ve been meaning to post this up a long time ago, years ago actually, but here’s my chance…

If you’re a guy with some misplaced sense of self-righteousness and you’re thinking of breaking up with your lover because you feel she deserves better, than you’re a fool.

First and foremost, this isn’t YOUR choice. This is HER (or his, but I’ll be using “her” from now on) choice. Don’t go choosing what SHE should do based on what YOU think is ‘right’. It’s up to HER to decide that for HERself. What YOU SHOULD do instead is to do what you need to do to make the relationship work.

Second, trying to decide for her based on what YOU think is right is disrespectful. Don’t think because you’re not good enough or you make little money or you’re not some ambitious power hungry corporate tyrant with class, that she doesn’t deserve you. Yeah you see what I just did right there?

Let me make this more clear for you: Just because you think you’re a less than crap, don’t go deciding for her whether she deserves to be in love with you and to have you in her life. That is solely up to her to decide.

Within context of course. If you’re some drug addict who enjoys abusing people and stealing their money, then obviously if you’re aware of this, leave her and go seek help. Otherwise, STOP DECIDING FOR HER what she deserves. SHE has a brain. She WILL think things through and decide on her own. Just be a man and do the right thing, not the stupid foolish disrespectful thing. The right thing isn’t to decide for her. The right thing is to stick with her and try to make the relationship happen.

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