So I’m toiling away on my current project and finally decided to take a brief break before continuing. I thought about what Emma asked during the summer and think I can give a clear answer now.

The question was in her words, “Why wouldn’t you treat your girlfriend like a princess if you were to have a long term relationship with her?” The theme mind you was what I told her before she asked me that. I told her that there are two most likely stances I would take if I am in a relationship with someone intimately. One of the stances would be if I can feel that my relationship from the beginning is mainly about play, bursts of fun, and the like, then I would put a lot of emphasize on treating her like a princess. Shower her with partial attention and give her a lot of good lovin. 8] The other stance would be if I feel that my relationship has potential to last far beyond the initial attraction and wild sex, I wouldn’t treat my girlfriend like a princess per se.

Of course, I didn’t make myself clear to her afterwards when she asked me that question. I didn’t feel a need. Plus, she had other emotional dilemmas she needed to workout on at the time. Now however, I will answer her more publically on why I wouldn’t treat my mate like a princess if I feel she has potential to be my long term lover and partner.

[“Perfect Silence (Martin Roth St. Kilda 5pm Rmx)” by Blank & Jones]

Basically, I equate treating a woman like a princess along the same wavelength as being spoiled like a superficial brat. I envision snug miniskirts, fuck-me strappy heels, and lots of girly giggles.

However, a long term commitment is about building equality between us. It’s about creating a kingdom together, so we can rule it together. I am her king and she is my queen. Together, we conquer the world. What can princesses offer, that my queen does not? At best, the princess is a concubine. At worst, she’s a gold digger. My queen can be multiple things – a warrior, a lover, a diplomat, a caretaker, a friend, a confidant, a partner.



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    I think you have a bad case of the “winkles”. Seriously, go see your doctor today! I think it’s caused by eating too many bloated weiners…

  2. 3

    Bloated weiners? What, Li’s gone gay?
    Hey congrats dude! Another warrior for the sequined rainbow army.
    *thumbs up*
    Do you have your own set of assless leather pants yet? Chaps maybe?

    So yeah, treating a lifelong partner like a princess isn’t smart. Seeing as after awhile, she’ll be used to that treatment, and would think that when it stops, or slows down(due to money problems or whatever reason) she might start thinnking that the man doesn’t love her anymore or something.
    I say, treat them like a princess sporadically. Every once in awhile, just surprise them by going all out. For no reason even. I think that, in the long run, doing sporadic worship would do more, then massive worship right off the bat, then having that dwindle as years go by.

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    Only you Samurai! Only you! Come here! Why don’t I show you what it means to be under the rainbow? 😉

    HAHAHAHA! 8]

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