About ten years ago, I made a list of the type of girl that I would be attracted to and about three or four years ago, I made another similar thing here. I always have an ideal fantasy, but I’ll hardly find a stray cat eating out of a garbage can that could miraculously turn into a sweet ‘innocently’ untouched human female, for me to ravage and ‘encourage’ her to yield to my various desires for intimate exploration. Hey, I told Amber one of my fantasies was to put a leash on her and have her lick milk out of a bowl, as I sit there reading a newspaper wearing formal business wear having a cup of tea. She responded, “That’s so hot.”

Tune: “Alabama Blues” remixed by Waxed Doctor (originally by St. Germain)

So yes, sex is an important factor of my connection with an intimate companion. Without sex, life would be utterly dull. Even those that say they would abstain from sex, don’t truly do so. They simply get ‘around’ intercourse and do everything else. You can have sex without intercourse you know?

Looks: a woman’s appearance is also important. She has to flow, even if that means she is on the bigger side. Stick-thin girls do not turn me on, because no matter how you look at it, they don’t flow. Take Cindy for example. When we first met, she was hovering around the 105 pound mark. When we started our relationship, she was under 110. When we broke up finally, she was just over 120. Mind you, she was 5’4″ in height and a couple of favorite past times were volleyball and dancing. She loved hip-hop and trance. From that range of 105 to about 120, she was still quite delicious. Spongey too. She was roughly around the 140 to 150 mark when I first met her in 2003. How she looks now, quite yum, but I have to keep those sort of thoughts to myself, lest Superman come laser-beam my schlong off. ^_^

The majority of my past lovers all hovered around a petite figure: 5’3″ to 5’4″ and between 100 pounds to 120 pounds. Plum-sized to baseball-sized breasts with a very damn fine ass and nice legs. I was accustomed to that and I enjoyed that very much. However, as I got older, I started to notice larger girls in the slightly more ‘plus’ size. Three of my latest love interests are all on the bigger side and two of them are 5’0″ in height with lovely large breasts. Short and curvy is my new in-thing. Alas, even if a girl was slightly over the curvy-plus size, I was still okay with that, so long as she can gain a mental connection with me.

Usually, large breasts comes with a larger figure. If they’re short, all the better. Short, curvy and big breasted. I also developed a thing for Caucasian women, but I still think Asian women on their hands and knees with long dark hair sliding over on their backside look better… Then again, watching Amber light up a cigarette and smoking it the way she does, really turns me on. Though I would prefer it that she cuts that down to no more than twice a day. Regardless, my tastes in women has evolved and expanded. Which brings me to this next note.

Men who put on an act of ‘being appropriate’ and ‘disapproving’ of being honest of their sexuality sickens me.

I remember I met someone a long time ago and Albert was with me at the time. We were talking about women and that guy refused to be honest in his opinion about sex and women. So I said something, which I totally forgot what it was and he put on this expression of ‘surprise’. I remember Albert kept a low-profile smirk and I just condescendingly looked at that guy, thinking, “Only in your perfect world, would your facade work in my presence.”

Ah those were the days. How I miss that old Albert and old Leeman. Those bastards. ^_^

Character: this is a massive factor for attraction which actually overwhelms the looks factor. Looks is indeed very important and sex is utterly important, but without a connective character, those two things simply go down the drain. I would get better satisfaction looking at porn and getting a quick fix, than to spend time and energy on a woman who cannot connect with me.

Indeed, I no longer list out attraction factors. I just don’t see the point to reconfirm my thoughts in black and white, because in the end, the connection between myself and the other person vastly differs based on mood and situation. If you ask me specifically however, I can tell you exactly what I like and why.

By now, some of you should realize something about this entry. “The important” factors. Can you see how obvious they are? In other words, all factors are important. Those hooligans that say crap like, “Looks don’t matter. It’s what’s inside that truly matters” is all a load of bull shit. You NEED to be physically attracted to someone before you can engage in some form of physical intimacy, unless you’re doing so because money and power is enough for you to spread your legs for them. Can you imagine yourself having a lustful passionate evening rolling around in the compounds of your house with Jabba The Hut?

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    I feel this is an extension of the conversation we had the other night. Sometimes the list is just unattainabe. Good points on the attractive factor.
    PS. yah plus size girls, we rock 🙂

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