This is what I just entered at Facebook:

The ‘problem’ with Facebook is that I want to get rid of myself, so I can start speaking my mind again without people getting worried what others think of themselves. I originally joined Facebook because it was a business networking tool way way way back when it first came out. These days, it’s a ‘networking’ tool for those who does what exactly? Pretenders… I absolutely despise pretenders.

And now, I just deactivated my account. The Facebook network is bullshit. The tool is cool, but when the bulk of my friends need to hide behind a certain facade, I find it full of shit. I have to be a certain way – a ‘proper’ social potato, just so they don’t get in trouble with their family and friends. So instead of ’embarrassing’ them by limiting me for who I am, I am ridding myself for ‘the greater good’.

I will always forever, wander alone, while they cater to the disgust of social protocol.

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