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This was originally posted at a forum responding to a girl who asked why her penpal friends would suddenly disappear without telling her why. I responded in two posts:

My first response::

This depends on how you define a friend. I think too many people use “friend” too loosely.

Her follow-up:

Yes you are right the term “friend” is used too loosely alot of the times.
So I shouldn’t really waste my time trying to meet people because if they are tired of you then the communicating will just stop. Leaving me wondering what happened or what I did wrong.

Then my last response:

Effort can only be wasted in hindsight. Many people interpret it like this: “If something goes well, then it isn’t wasted. If something goes wrong, then it’s wasted.” Therefore, you can never know whether it is wasted or not if you don’t try. It’s like everything we do: job/career, a project, giving advice, giving our love, giving our friendship, giving our trust, giving our bodies, giving our all.

Too many people try and try and try and keep failing, but these people continue to let past experiences go to waste because they fail to learn, to look at the mistakes, the process. Those that allow themselves to indulge in experiences also should learn to be more cautious. However, be cautious, not paranoid.

We should not cut ourselves short of potentially great friendships, just because of a few setbacks.

I should stop drinking this tea at midnight! BTW, did any of you Richmonites see the Torch Bearer run by on Steveston Hwy yesterday?

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