Tune: “Power of Sound” by Ace

I have to wake up at 11am today for work, so I have to keep this short. I’ve been listening to this track on and off for a couple of days now, but I heard it before a few months ago when I was really into Initial D. I recently got back into it, and is in the process of watching the Fourth Stage.

As I was watching it, and listening to the track, a few ‘memories’ resurfaced. It’s hard to explain, but those ‘memories’ resurfaced with a very subtle hint of the emotions attached to those ‘memories’. I am putting quotations on “memories” because those memories are very vague.

Imagine a street scene, in Hong Kong or somewhere similar. Quiet night in the area, but noisy in the distance. The street is bright and lit up by yellowish orange lights from above. The street is dry but the surface is a little glossy. The street is empty. There is a car behind me, playing this tune or a similar tune. It has a fast beat to it. It’s a dance song (none of that shit that we have now mind you). Even if it’s a dance song, there’s quite a bit of emotion attached to it. Hard to explain.

Well, that’s all I’m going to say about the scene. I brought it up cuz I see it in my ‘memory’, and I am trying to hold onto that memory and those emotions, as vague as they may be. Why? Because I no longer have those emotions. I haven’t felt that way for years. I think the last time I felt those sort of emotions was back before 2001. Maybe even in 1999, or 1998?

I can’t close my eyes either and think. It disappears faster. [chuckles] It’s fading, but I can still see it. It reminds me of those nights, those friggin cold nights. We can’t go back to those days and nights, but I can always try to remember them.

BTW, I got your Top Gear email Jon. Will reply in a day. Just mentioning it here, cuz I’m excited. Series 10!!! WOOHOO!



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    Yeah, but COME ON! That was obviously unfair to the McLaren Mercedes SLR! That’s like putting Jesse Owens (the SLR) up against a full grown cheetah (the Veyron)! ^o^

  2. 3
    Fong Pei

    Well, I don’t think that was set up as a fair race. It was merely set up to show how fast the Veyron is….to pull away so quickly away from one of the fastest cars ever made


  3. 4

    No, I didn’t think it was supposed to be a fair race, but what I really want to see is the comparison between say the Ferrari F1 car and the Veyron side by side on a drag strip. I think that would be interesting. Actually, I think even if the F1 will accelerate faster, the Veyron will eventually beat its ass eh?

  4. 5
    Fong Pei

    yeah, the F1 car will definitely accelerate faster but with the amount of aerodynamic drag they must produce in order for them to corner quickly, their top speed isn’t nearly as high as the Veyron. So yes, while it will fall behind at the beginning, eventually it will blow ahead, given enough of a straight road.

    did you watch that TG episode where Cpt. Slow drove the Veyron to over 400kph?! The Veyron got up to that speed without any fuss and it seemed like it could go more if it weren’t electronically limited.

    p.s. Episode 3 is out and they race the Veyron vs. a Euro Fighter Jet

  5. 6

    OMGOSH! A JET FIGHTER! That is so cool. I shall go to Final Gear momentarily.

    AND yes I saw that ep with Slow and the Veyron. It was so cool with his reactions and the tears and all. I think I would feel the same way. Actually, Clarkson is the only one who hasn’t driven inside a super friggin fast car for top speed yet eh? Hammond for the rocket car and May for the Veyron, though Clarkson did drive the Veyron across countries, he didn’t actually go top speed… Now I’m ramblng…

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