Bonus points to those who in the next 5 seconds can remember or guess who Grand Admiral Thrawn is without doing a search on the web. 8]

This is the type of music that motivates me to take a pop of E, sit back, and relax. Let’s just say, I’m not at home in my own environment at the moment.

So I was thinking that all this could still be a fragment of my imagination. Maybe I never woke up from my coma 13 years ago. Maybe I am still in that coma now, and every one in my ‘life’ are really fragments of my psyche. How tragic would it be if I am in a coma and I wake up decades later to find that I am a very old man, and a complete stranger to the world outside ‘this’ hospital?

The mind can be a powerful thing – it holds are the chemicals that make up our emotions, our actions, reactions, the things we dream about, the methods to think and process, and the knicks and knacks that keep us going to varying degrees. Sometimes, I wonder if all of this could simply be in my head, and just maybe that when I fall asleep, all those images I experience – all those worlds and ‘people’ are really, real people, real experiences and real places, and maybe all of this are all really just a dream instead.

Like how could I possibly have deja vu? How could I possibly dream about places I have never been to, and many years later ‘revisited’? How could the dozens of conversation with Jon yielded in similar or same words at the same time over and over and over again? Coincidence? Those sort of coincidences seem a bit far fetch.

Jon will know what I am talking about here, but remember over a decade ago, Tom and I were talking about Glitches? I don’t feel or see them anymore, but I still remember them. Then remember when the first Matrix movie came out and in the movie, it talked about Glitches? How uncanny is that eh?

There’s just something not quite connecting with everything. It might mostly just be me, but how do I know that all of you aren’t me? The thing is tho, despite my suspicions, I still believe the benefit of the doubt rather than believe in the doubt, because this is the safer route/approach.

What would Grand Admiral Thrawn do?


Most likely not what James Bond and his Graveyard Symphony would have done. It would have been way too costly. Then again, I would most likely never turn mine into a giant spider who ‘warped’ into enemy battleships and tore them apart from inside out.


So the song you’re listening to, if you clicked the play button up top is “Foil” by Autechre. If one day, I am wealthy and if I choose to live alone, please don’t tell strangers about stuff. I rather continue to drive a mini-van and stay low-key (except weekends, when I will be on the Isle of Man with my 21 year old McLaren F1) than to zip around in a CCX (which by the way IS in NFS Carbon – gorgeous car) and cause heads to turn. Just not my sort of thing. It’s nice to see eyes steer toward my designs without ever knowing its origins. It give me a great sense of incomplete pleasure.

Sickening isn’t it?

Must sleep now…


PS: Sabine Schmitz is absolutely stunning. I love her cockiness and super competitivenes. She is a major turn on – very much so. 83


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    That’s a good video/song “Comfortably Numb”. I think I can relate to a smaller degree.

    You know, I was just thinking as I popped a few slices of Mandarine Oranges into my mouth that it’s possible that Jon is an alien. Think about it… He seems a bit uncanny for a human being. No, it’s not Ecstacy that’s causing me to think this way silly… [ponders]

  2. 3

    hi li, long time no see! i asked my bf, lol that wasn’t cheating! and he told me it is a character in a star wars game, some blue colored guy n don’t worry li, i won’t tell anyone about your wealth! my bf is the same way. he is in a high position but drives an old car. he doesn’t want anyone to know he is wealthy!

  3. 4
    Fong Pei

    James Bond and Graveyard Symphony ruled all! That may have been one of the 2 greatest wars we never fought. I remember Bond trying to design a shield that would not allow teleportational matter though, even though I spent some time arguing with Tom that any energy shield would not allow teleportational matter through

  4. 5

    You know? That is friggin hilarious because it’s so true! TWO GREATEST WARS you two never fought. I mean, how dumb was that?!?! [sighs] Man, especially that Undead Army VS your mages… Man! What a waste!

    Also I remembered that, BUT you only started designing that shield after you heard that my ship could teleport into other ships and destroyed them that way! CHEATER! You over-heard our conversation! That was my ship’s ultimate weapon, all organic, self-repairs quickly… Ah yes…

  5. 6
    Fong Pei

    yeah, i remember that….i heard about what you do and then i got into an argument with tom about how that’s impossible with energy shields….he knew i was right but wouldn’t concede since it was conflict with events that already happened so he allowed me to build a shield that couldn’t be teleported through.

    I think of it as payback for when you guys overheard my plan to send a mage back in time. =)

  6. 7

    HA! I wasn’t really fighting for Roger! Remember – he controlled all the damn armies because of his damn book. I was actually serving the Lord of the Void, in which he was controlled by Roger’s book!

    Plus that became ridiculous. Remember our recent conversation about that? In the end, it was just two assassins staring at each other in the beginning of time… What was he going to do? Pee on the basic nutrients that make up the foundations of all life, while one of your mages huddle around them, trying to protect those slimey stuffs… [sighs]

  7. 8

    Wasn’t Thrawn the guy who was in charge of the construction of the Darksaber? I know the name from a book I have, but I’m not allowed to cheat and go get it to check. Dx

  8. 10

    Well, it wasn’t a SSD.
    It was the weapon part of the Deathstar.
    Without the huge ass hull and stuff around it making it look like a moon.
    The design of it had it looking basically like a lightsaber.
    Hence, Darksaber.

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