The Chinese count the day you’re born as your first year and not as day zero. The reason has to do with your time being developed into a human baby inside the mother. Of course, that’s only about 9 months, but it’s something like that.

So this blog has aged 9 years since yesterday. I didn’t post it up yesterday, since I was doing work all day and being restless at the same time. It’s hard getting into work mode when I have so much on my mind and so little time. Regardless, it has been 9 years since I started this blog.

Nine years ago, was 2006. Though it may seem as though I started this blog to rant and vent my emotions about Cindy, the actual reason was that I saw the blog of Cindy’s fling at the time and thought that it’s cool that he had his own blog site. Though the circumstances surrounding the start-up of my blog lead me to vent and rant about Cindy, my situation with her was just a stepping stone to keeping my diary alive. You see, I kept a diary since my high school days, circa mid 1990’s and continued it through to the early 2000’s. During my relationship with Cindy, we kept a shared blog together, but that didn’t work out, since she wasn’t genuinely interested in that. That shared blog failed and got forgotten until now. When my relationship with Cindy ended for a final time, leading to seeing her fling’s blog had lead me to start this one. I have to confess that I am quite proud and happy that I created the name “Leemanism”. I think it’s pretty clever and fits with my site quite well.

Anyhow, 2006 was the year I went out and did stuff. It was my most healthy year too. I cycled almost every day, went hiking almost every weekend, met with new people every two weeks and had a overflowing handful of flings and flirts. It was a great year, followed by an even better year when I finally received a nice work contract with some fabulous money, went to Hong Kong, paid for various expenses for myself, my parents, my aunt and two cousins.

Of course, I made mistakes from then to now and earlier, I was looking at a former client’s website and thought, “That’s seven years of missed income.” I also thought about other things, but I’ll leave those thoughts for another time.

I celebrated the 9th anniversary of my blog by treating myself to half an episode of “Gaki No Tsukai 2015”. It took me a bit to get back into the comedy, as I haven’t seen an episode for quite a long time. Also, I had a really restless work day but I did manage to get about seven hours of work done. So I’m happy about that.

Anyway, that’s that. Happy 9th, Leemanism.

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