I would like to celebrate the light snow of this morn with a cup of hot ginseng. A toast to the whiteness outside! 8]

So I just watched episode 2, Season 9 of TG and then received Michelle’s comment and then my reply, and then watched Bleach episode 117 just now. Pretty good episode, but damn, they ended it at the good part as usual.

Anyway, as much crap there is and as much sadness there may be, I can’t allow them to handle my emotions this way. Sure, it’ll be on my mind for awhile, but I have to fulfill my obligations to Razor despite, and so, as per my usual fuzziness, I’ll continue to do my share of the work, while enter stuff in my blog for the rest of you to see.

Nowadays, I have to admit, I’m not sure what to write about any more – aside from games and dreams, writing about my feelings here haven’t been motivational lately. There is only so much shit that happens until I get numb from it.

Right. So I have a question for everyone… What is the difference between judgment and opinion?



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    An opinion is your view on something whether you have facts or not.Judgment is when you condemn someone with all the facts you have.Being judgmental is when you condemn someone with your beliefs and do not see their point,or anyone elses point of view.

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    Hmmm…. Interesting. I was thinking about that while I showered, but then I asked, “If we say President Bush is a bad leader and probably the worst president in the history of the United States, isn’t that simply saying that those who say he is that, are judgmental people?”

    The thing is, as you have seen throughout DC, there are those who deserve their punishment and there are those who should receive second chances. Now, if you think about it this way – should we feel sorry for a soldier who commits rape and murder in Iraq, despite that he had felt massive military stress from his work? Are we supposed to say “There there man. It’s okay. We understand. We’ll let you off this time, because we shouldn’t ‘condemn’ you for your actions.”

    I was thinking about the “black and white” comment you made to me, and thought it makes sense for sure, but think of it this way – if you son or daughter seems to be making the initial steps to fall very hard, something that you’ve done in your past, wouldn’t your reflexes dictate that you try to steer him or her away from making that mistake?

    Mind you, I did stop aiding Jenny after Sunday morning after my email to her. There were only so much words can do before their will-power clicks in or not. The reason for my previous entry was because of what I did and said to Jenny last week about Albert. After her birthday on Saturday, I decided to stop doing stuff. It’s exactly like those people on DC – there is only so much you can do or say before it ends abruptly due to their own internal capabilities.

    It’s understandable for a religious person to point and say “You’re going to hell because you don’t believe in Allah!” But there is nothing apparent to his statement that would suggest I should go to hell. However, if a soldier commits rape and murder, or a man or a woman cheats on his or her partner, or someone steals your SIN and mess around with your life, it doesn’t matter whether there were underlying reasons or not. You committed a wrong and that’s that – it’s a wrong.

    There is no such thing as mercy rape or compassionate murder, or an excuse to cheat, or a good reason to have fun with your life. Like those bastards who drag to death a 20+ year old gas station worker. At the time they laughed their heads off. It was only after they got caught and sentenced, that they cried. Go figure on the guilt, but if they were never caught, I bet if they could, they would drag another to his/her death.

    I may have been harsh on my words towards him, but that is settled. However, it doesn’t make what he did to her right. If I say he is wrong, despite his stress, then fine, I accept that I judged him then. I rather be called a jerk judge, then a person who turns a blind eye and ditches a girl who balls her eyes out with no one to support her. Self-righteous? Hardly. Self-righteous would be more like if I made posters of him, created a web site, rented a speaker phone, created an organization – even a cult, a religion to counter people like that, then call myself Supreme Commander Of The Righteous! RAWR!

    No. I was only able to judge him if at all I did, because I was close to him. Just as I would have expect from my closest friends if I did wrong, despite my underlying reasons. THERE IS NO REASON to hurt someone like that, that way. NO VIABLE REASON. If he had say cheated on her because he was drunk – hey, I’ll let him off the hook the first, maybe the second time, but he was fully aware of what he was doing.

    Anyway, as you said, they need to solve their problems on their own, and as Jon and I talked about yesterday, I recognize that the ball is in their court anyway. My friend and I have said our pieces, now, it’s time for them to take that as a guide, but ultimately, they choose otherwise, and it’s a choice they will make.

    And don’t worry, I have absolutely no negative feelings towards you Michelle. I was just ranting. 8]

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    Hi Li,

    I did not feel any negative feelings .But what I did get is you are hurt and angry and it’s very understandable…..But Jenny is not a victim and Albert is not a traitor or a dog.
    All Albert sees right now is you messing up any chances of him fixing things with Jenny.

    I know you love your friends and can’t comprehend what or why Albert did what he did, but there were reasons, that maybe you don’t understand because you see it as he has done something that’s against your principles. Sure what he done was wrong, but he is human and sometimes it takes this for a lesson to be learnt,.like you said ++++ “
    if your son or daughter seems to be making the initial steps to fall very hard, something that you’ve done in your past, wouldn’t your reflexes dictate that you try to steer him or her away from making that mistake?”+++ yes , you can tell them they are heading for a fall but that is all .Its human nature ,you have to find out for yourself or you will never know. Yes even if it means I have to watch the painful experience and watch them get hurt, if I interfere they will only resent me and blame me if things don’t work out. I will be there to pick up the pieces. You can’t control everything; you can’t for see what might happen. You have to take it minute by minute or you will be steering your ship in the wrong direction of what might happen.

    Look think what Albert represents to you. He is like a brother to you. He has done wrong and you have crucified him before he has even sat down and had a cup of tea with you.Li believe me Albert hurts just as much as Jenny does, maybe even worse.

    Everybody sees what Albert done as wrong and if he sees what he done as wrong then he should not be condemned but helped to learn that relationships need honesty and open communication to work. Instead of Albert screwing someone else he should of told Jenny that he thinks this bird at work is hot or wherever he met her. Then the forbidden feelings would not have been so exciting. And he would not have acted on them.

    You are right .THERE IS NO REASON to hurt someone like that, that way. NO VIABLE REASON….. He probably thought he could get away with it. Ha! I can see the steam blowing through your ears.

    Don’t feel guilty for taking sides, Albert will understand why you did because you can’t comprehend why if someone loves you, why would they do something like that??? But that is something for Albert and Jenny to sort out. You just need to be there to catch who ever falls.

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    [sigh] Yes, you’re right though. Those words were mainly a burst of emotions and such, but behind the scenes, I knew that there were reasons that lead up to his actions. It’s like adrenaline rush for a soldier with a knife against an army of machine guns and rockets, but then after the berserk killing fest, I kind of wake-up and notice how bloody ‘impulsive’ it was.

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    oh li, that’s terrible. according to ariel and your comments, i think you should try to calm down and back away from their problems. my bf also went through the same thing, but the sad thing is he and his ‘bro’ stopped being friends. he doesn’t tell me about it, as it wrecks his heart every time he brings it up. i hate seeing him like that, and i think i know how you feel. are you healing? maybe you should try to do the things that make you happy again. my heart goes out to you li!

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    Fong Pei

    how did you like ep 2 of season 9? That Veyron is an engineering masterpiece, eh? 253mph was a piece of cake for that car and there was no drama about it.

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