Since this weekend is the ONLY two day weekend break I am having since many eons ago, I decided to look through MyOpera and found this on Aneeqa‘s page called “A Play On Words”. I would also like to take this chance to plug Michelle’s MyOpera site:


1Q. Would you make a fool out of yourself in public if it meant you were making your partner laugh?
1A. It really depends on the occasion, mood, and my partner type.

2Q. Would you prefer the lights on or off during sex?
2A. I prefer them on, with a video camera, tripod, and good photo lamp lighting and mirrors setup. Candles, soft furry rug, satin bed sheets, white cotton straps, Tawny Port, and possibly some sex toys and light candy sprinkles would be there too.

3Q. Do you judge people solely by their musical preferences?
3A. I don’t judge people solely by their musical preferences, BUT I do partially judge a person by his or her musical preferences.

4Q. If you could ‘take back’ your virginity from your first partner, would you?
4A. Hehe, this really depends on what my future relationship looks like, but I would mainly say no I won’t. There are those who want to save themselves for their husbands and their wives in the future, but I find that in a polite way of saying it – quite immature to think like that. Making love, sex, fucking, sucking, and the whole shibang is pretty much a form of communication. If you think your first time will be like nothing in the entire universe in terms of emotional connection, when you’ve been through enough intimate partners and sexual experiences, that first time will never be nearly as great as the time when you make love for 5 hours straight, with 4 hours of foreplay, gentle caresses, tender moments, the “look into each other’s eyes” situations, etc, etc.

First time? Ha, yeah right. [wicked grin]

5Q. Would you ever start a relationship with someone who was still living with an ex for financial reasons?
5A. Hell no. Do you think I would even be interested in someone like that in the first place? What type of person would take that sort of route regardless? There is ALWAYS an alternative. You just have to find it in yourself to take the step and do it.

6Q. Do you need to know everything about someone’s past?
6A. I don’t need to know everything. I just need believe that she is worth my time and energy. With that said, other things will gradually form. Love doesn’t happen automatically when you call him your boyfriend and her your girlfriend.

7Q. It is more worthwhile and satisfying to improve the world or appreciate the world?
7A. It is way more worthwhile and satisfying to improve Life in this world, and then appreciate the world with what Life has given it, so long as the world hasn’t destroyed itself by then.

8Q. Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life?
8A. I think neither a purpose or a calling per se. It’s all a deep profound feeling that mere words will not be able to explain.

9Q. Do you believe that dreams can be messages from a “higher level”?
9A. If you’re saying “higher level” as in God, then no. If you’re saying “Higher Level” as in my unfiltered intuition, then yes.

10Q. Would you rather have a great friend you could share everything with or a great lover you can’t really talk to?
10A. This is a difficult one because with a great friend, I can reveal the entirety of my inner sanctum without the hindrance of partial curiosity and self-gratifying entertainment, but I could not share a physical and emotional intimacy with that person. With a great lover, she would be my soft companion whom I can rest my head upon as she hums a tune to me and strokes my head and face, yet I wouldn’t be able to tell her my inner thoughts and emotions.

I would have to say a great lover then, because for as long as I have known myself, I have not really shared my inner thoughts with any of my closest friends. Some of them may know the mechanics, but they don’t know the formulas and its purposes. Regardless of having a great lover or not, a great friend or not, I still keep the majority of my thoughts inside. At least with a great lover, I can express my need for her in a more physical intimate way that converts to a slient emotional and spiritual connection.

11Q. Is the male or female body the closest to perfection?
11A. I believe it’s the male’s body because of our definite form and parts. That’s not however, saying that a woman is less perfect or more flawed. It’s just saying that a male’s body is more defined.

12Q. ?
12A. $

13Q. Do you like kissing in public?
13A. I don’t mind it too much. It really depends who’s around and where we are and for what occasion. Eg: a peck and possibly a tender kiss is fine on occasion, but making out in front of other people isn’t quite my thing.

14Q. Do you have a fetish that you would like to employ in your next relationship?
14A. Yes. Big oven mitts, soft furry paws, a large wooden spoon, a bowl of water and a cup of oil. Possibly a remote control monster truck and a note with tiny written letters.

OR, I’ll settle with asking her to wear an extra large white t-shirt, tie her hands behind her while she sits on a chair, and her ankles to the legs of the chair, and douse her in edible clear lubrication. “Honey, can you try to get out that for me?” – watch while she struggles. Round stiff breasts are a big bonus, and a slightly angry look on her face would be a huge turn on.

15Q. Did America really put a man on the moon?
15A. No idea, and I don’t really care. Though mind you, I am a bit skeptical considering the technology they had back then.

16Q. Would you date someone significantly (9 years or over) older than you?
16A. No. My preferred age is roughly no younger than 22 or 23 up to no more than one year older than me, BUT if I can choose, someone around 24 or 25 would be magically delicious.

17Q. Generally, in life, what makes you happy?
17A. Freedom with stability.

18Q. How well do you handle criticism?
18A. Depends on my mood and the subject.

19Q. Would you like to date someone a lot purer than you?
19A. Depends what you mean by “purer”. If you mean a Catholic nun who has been kept away from the world, who oddly fits my idea of a real damn cutey, then sure, I’ll dig her. If you mean a simpleton who has an extreme view of what life and the world is like from her point of view, then most likely no. I would rather ask my hand out as my date and treat my hand to a candle light dinner than to go out with a girl like that. [laughs] If you mean a self-righteous religious fanatic who has overgrown pubic hair, armpit hair, junglistic leg and nose hair, then three words: FUCK NO ! – the exclaimation mark being the third word. 8D

HOWEVER, if you mean purer as in a girl who is naive, sweet, considerate, honest, quiet, warm hearted, and gentle, then I might be conflicted with a no and yes answer. No because I see myself as a bad influence, but Yes because I see myself yearning for an honest heart.

20Q. When fooling around with someone, do you sometimes have sexual fantasies about other people?
20A. Never. In fact, I tried this when I was doing my ex. We were having our nightly event on her bouncy bed which ended up on the floor where she rode me like crazy and came so much that… Oops, yeah so we did that and I tried thinking about another girl that I liked in the past, or some hot girl I saw on the net. Guess what? I went limp.

I just can’t. When I do it with someone, she’s on my mind, and that’s it. Otherwise, it really defeats the purpose of making love.

21Q. Is it possible for full-figured women to be equally attractive as thinner women?
21A. Oh yes definitely. Full figured women are healthy looking. Especially when they have the right shape – WOW is all I can say.

22Q. You’ve just met someone incredible while out with friends, and (s)he’s been kind enough to cough up a phone number. How long would you wait to call?
22A. Whenever. It depends on my mood, the day, and my financial prospects for the week.

23Q. Do you think the family of a murder victim should have any say in what punishment is given to the murderer?
23A. I think they should have the right to give suggestion, but not the absolute right for punishment. Some religious fucknuts may want to [cough] ‘forgive’ the murderer and release him/her back into the public.

24Q. Would you have a ‘Happy Button’ installed on your body, connected to your brain, which would instantly make you very happy whenever you pressed it?
24A. No, but I wish I can have a ‘Disappear To My Own Island In My Dreams’ button installed on my body, connected to my dreams, which would instantly teleport my material self into that dream world where I can communicate with my intuition and emotions.

25Q. Would you rather know everything about your mate, or be regularly surprised?
25A. Surprised.

26Q. We are all human, do you judge someone for a past indiscretion?
26A. No, but I do take note of it.

27Q. What is sexiest on a woman or a man?
27A. On a woman, it’s definitely her eyes and the way she looks at me, coupled with her wicked grin and her little fangs… ^,_,^

28Q. Would you rather have your dream job or your soul mate for the rest of your life?
28A. I would rather have my dream job because with my dream job, I can stabilize the security of my family and my closest friends and my lover. With a soul mate, I can have love, but yeah…

29Q. Do you consider yourself sexually open minded?
29A. I consider myself sexually open minded, but I ain’t going to let ANYONE rim me, AND no you may NOT shove dildos or butt-plugs up my butt, and don’t ever lick or suck my toes either. No no, I can lick your toes if they’re clean, so long as you have beautiful soft feet, but don’t expect me to shove my tongue and face into your ass crack, and you better keep your ears clean too! Haha…

30Q. Should your mate also become your best friend?
30A. I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘should’ and more like ‘would’, and I don’t have A best friend. I have a FEW close friends.

31Q. Would you rather marry a virgin or someone experienced?
31A. It doesn’t matter. If I am to marry someone, it means the person has exceeded my perceptions of the usual round of girlfriends and flings I have had.

32Q. Have you ever had a true one-night stand?
32A. What does a TRUE one night stand mean exactly? [coughs and chuckles] Do you mean as in 100% NSA, meet up, fuck, then part ways without ever knowing each other’s names? [ponders: “fresh bananas or banana chips?”]

33Q. Have you ever posed as a nude model?
33A. KIND of…

34Q. Would you prefer if good things happened, or interesting things?
34A. A moderation of the two would be good, but if I HAD to choose, interesting would be nice – I can expect a little bad and a little good to happen with ‘interesting’.

35Q. Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all?
35A. Ha, how come I guessed this question to be asked eventually? Unlike some of my friends, I don’t believe in this shit. There is NO SUCH thing as ONE PERSON fit for you. I believe that there is a SET of people in this world that most suits me. They may be scattered around the globe, and they may differ from each other, but as individuals, they make up the different desires and traits I want in a companion and vice versa. So if there was a girl that I liked and was attracted to, but never had the chance to go through the dating process with her, to me, it’s not a biggy. Sure, there might have been a new experience, a different experience, but reality check: NO ONE knows that for sure. We can only make a guess at the “What if’s”. I seriously don’t bother with “What if’s” because they take up time and energy and yield only further “What if’s” that don’t end in good measure.





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    Agreed. I don’t think there’s such a thing as “The One”, but rather, “The One you end up marrying.”

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    “Big oven mitts, soft furry paws, a large wooden spoon, a bowl of water and a cup of oil. Possibly a remote control monster truck and a note with tiny written letters.”………I wonder what the note with tiny written letters would say?

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