Whenever I introduce another woman to Pascale that one of our mutual friends like or someone I think is attractive, the first thing Pascale does is point out the most noticeable negative thing about that person 99% of the time. For example, when I told her about a girl Patrick liked, the first thing Pascale said paraphrased was, “Meh. She has a strong under bite and a flat face.”

Why does that opinion matter? Patrick likes her. End of story. Are we trying to set Pascale up with her? No, however, even if we did, a few physical imperfections shouldn’t diminish her relative beauty. Instead of nitpick at the imperfections that people can’t change about themselves, why don’t we focus on the positives, and support the endeavors of the people we care about? I mean, if someone is unfortunately ugly to me, I am not going to say anything about it. It’s bad enough they have to deal with it and even if I am not saying it to their face, the most I will do is make a mental note of it. No point in adding fuel to the fire of egotism when none of this should have been about comparisons and competition in the first place.

When Patrick showed me a picture of Nicole on his phone when he was here over the summer, I didn’t have a reaction, which unfortunately prompted Patrick to say, “That’s not the best picture of her.” Nicole, if you’re reading this, the reason he said this was due to his overwhelming insecurities with himself. It has nothing to do with you per se. Which immediately made me perk up and respond, “She’s hot! Clearly she takes care of herself.” You have to understand, I am usually reactionless whenever people tell me or show me things, unless it wows me very greatly. For example, very often during meetings with my partners, I just stare at them with a blank expression. Every few minutes, the person speaking will stop and stare at me briefly, then ask, “Do you understand?” which I would respond with the exact same blank expression, “Yes, you said XYZ.” They would often laugh uncomfortably and say, “You looked lost.”

Anyway, the way someone makes me feel is infinitely more important than their looks alone. I’ve met women whom were goddesses by society’s beauty standards, but have shallow minds, low wit, and lay there like dead fish during sex. I’ve also met women whom by society’s standards, have average or mediocre looks, yet they have creative minds, beautiful attitudes, playful personalities, great intelligence, and fuck like horny cum buckets who can’t get enough dick. Of course, there has to be a bit of balance between how they look and what they are like.

I find beauty is not one linear set of variables, but a dynamic constantly adjusting set of concepts. I don’t see a woman’s beauty as one specific definition. Rather, I see a woman’s beauty by many things that make up who and how she is.

Attraction is in shades. They make up a very broad and also very precise series of variables I may find beautiful and attractive. However, being overall attractive is more important than simply being physically beautiful. Things shouldn’t be in extremes. If she is eye candy, but has the wits of a slug, I might be able to have sex with her a few times before I run away. If she is obesely disfigured, even if she has the most delicious mind, I would not be able to have any intimacy with her. So there must be a sort of balance between how they look and what they’re like.

So it comes down to this. I roughly filter people that can be a possibility for intimate encounters on how they make me feel, instead of what they look like.

  1. Facially: Is she cute?
  2. Physique: Is her body appealing to me?
  3. Character: What is her behaviour, attitude, ideals, and principles like?

I find many curvy and chubby women adoringly attractive, especially if they really try to take care of themselves even if they cannot lose weight. They are not on-par with the common standards of what society interpret as beautiful, yet they express themselves with the type of self-love, that shows me a part of their psyche. No, this has nothing to do with how feminists like to tell each other they’re beautiful just for the sake of saying everyone is. I am not like that at all. I don’t make compliments just because.

Specifically, the character of these chubby and curvy women, expressed through their deeds and words charm my heart and libido. Pin-up leggy curvy women does it for me all of the time without fail. The ladies I have screen captured in this post gives you a peek at what I find hot and sexy. Most of them have physical imperfections, but their sexual appeal and attitude turns me on to no end. Those two things multiply their overall physical beauty and ultimately, attracts me to them.

As a side note, Pascale isn’t all superficial. I mean, she did on a few occasions in the past wanted me to fuck her brains out and clearly, I am not nearly as handsome as some of the hotties she drools over. I have a feeling she often says what’s on her mind, because she is comfortable speaking her mind with me. Where as otherwise, she would have to be careful because other people may interpret her entire character based on one thing she might say.

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