…but no one is around and of course, I didn’t call anyone.

The only person I’ve known… Actually no never mind. Laura, you can ask me later when I finally come out of my hermit shell.

Patrick took me out to a pasta place for my birthday. What a nice cozy place. That was about half a month ago. Thanks for all your birthday wishes, but honestly, wish all of you forgot about it. Amber also called and sang me the happy birthday song. So sweet.

Tune: “By Your Side” by Sade


I’ll tell you what I miss though… I miss the days or nights where half a bottle shared between two people sitting across from each other in a dark room listening to music like this, solved the evening’s stresses and achieved relief from the week’s work woes – amongst other memorable days and evenings.

At times, I remind myself: “It’s not a bargaining chip to do things for others” and I try my best naturally ‘try’ my best to never feel or think that what I do is a bargaining chip for anything. I cannot expect others to be as perceptive and ‘omniscient’ as I am. 😉

Bed time. Good night Leeman.

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