One of the things I enjoy doing is reminiscent on places I’ve been in the past by looking at that place from a different place. For example, I used to go to Playdium Lounge inside Metrotown in Burnaby a lot from 1999 to 2001. So during the Summer, I may occasionally ride down Cambie Road passed #6 Road and take a break while I enjoy the open farmland scenery. While there, I would be able to see the Metrotown Rogers’ Towers very clearly and from there, think about the days I used to spend my time drinking and flirting and having a blast there.

Another example would be during the times we took breaks at the various Vistas at the Buntzen Lake hike. I would stare south and south-westwards towards Vancouver city, Richmond, Burnaby, Sea Island and beyond and note the places I’ve walked around, shopped at, rode to, kissed and held hands with, had a fun time with and had some down town at.

In 2006, I went to Hong Kong with my parents and my cousin over there took me to this place (the picture) and it had a nice ambiance. I remember leaning against the railing and thinking how nice it would be to be there with a lover to just enjoy the moment. Most of my trips to Hong Kong makes me feel that way. At the very least, it would have been nice to be there with really close friends. I’m sure it would be very fun.

I will most likely not go back there for awhile, but I can tell the day I do, I would either reminiscent on that memory or actually be there with friends or a lover. Maybe I’ll share this thought with her when we do. ^_~

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