Mood: Settling
Drink: A glass of Black Opal Shiraz would be nice right about now
Tune: “Samba é Amor” by Bebel Gilberto


And of course, I forgot where I stood in all things. I forgot who I am within the confines of a particular subject. When I remember, everything settles in again. It’s not often things get unsettled. In fact, I don’t recall a time when things ever became unsettled.

Earlier, I asked myself, “Who am I to question and to demand?” In the scheme of things, I am a nobody. I am a play-piece. ‘Karma’ has hit me square in the jaw – the chess player becomes the chess piece. Which? I would like to say I was the perceptive Knight that became the useless King and now, the Knight without his steed. So a Pawn. Let me make my way to the end and grab myself a Queen.


This reasoning will allow me to sleep better at night.

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