It’s been a long time eh?

So why? Why Leeman? Why nothing in the last 12 days? The answer is simple. It isn’t because I was busy, though in reality, I should be very busy. It isn’t because I’m seeing/dating anyone, but even if I were, none of you would know, nor would I tell you. It isn’t because games are taking my time away, though I have been having nightmares about Need For Speed Most Wanted, but more on that later.

No no. I haven’t been updating because first, there is nothing much to talk about aside from the 2 previous bike rides I had with Albert and the ‘mature’ woman at my workplace that I’ve been considering of getting hot and dirty with. Second, because I’ve actually been spending a LOT of time on EBay to buy anime series and movies that I’ve downloaded in the past – good ones well worth watching mind you.

Yup, that’s it.

About the last two rides with Albert… They had been quite good actually. Our first 33 kilometre ride took about 3 hours and 15 minutes – includes about 30 minutes of breaks and other stops. Our second 33 kilometre ride took about 2 hours and 45 minutes which included about 30 minutes of breaks and stops as well. Although we rode nearly 45 minutes slower in our first ride, the second ride was actually much more difficult because we rode against the rough winds about 70% of the time. The thing is though, it was a great ride because it showed me that it only took four rides to get myself back into mode again.

My fastest time on that 33 kilometre route was roughly an hour and 40 minutes without breaks, or about 2 hours with breaks. So I’m aiming for that for both Albert and I by mid August. That is, if he has time out of his Mod 6 and UFE studies. I can do it on my own too. Also remember that my bike is a bit heavier than everyone else’s bike, and it is more than 4 years old.

Anyway, work is about the same. My part time job is still making me do promotional material and manuals, as well as give live demonstrations to university professors and ecology researchers. My career job is going. My freelancing is non-existing at the moment. I spend most of my nights watching anime and watching new ones, then surf EBay and Amazon.ca for legit copies.

At least I got to go to the gym with Albert and Jenny yesterday. They came over and we headed into the gym. It was a warm-up for me. I haven’t quite done it seriously for almost a year. After that, we went to Hollywood Steak House and that was good.

The day before that, I got Ed out finally, and Albert, Ed, and I went to a Chinese restaurant on 41st and Granville for Peking Duck and other stuff. That was so good. Ed seemed happy with the Shock Tanks we got him, and Albert seemed fuzzy with the Medal of Honor Warchest game pack I got him. After dinner, we walked around for a bit, then Ed left and Albert took me to his office on West Broadway. He gave me a tour and then settled into one of the partner’s offices. With all the lights off, we were able to see the entire False Creek, Burrard Street Bridge, Granville Street Bridge, Cambie Bridge, Science World, and Downtown Core. It was quite nice.

We just talked about 2 and a half hour of stuff.

Pat also called me yesterday and we talked for nearly an hour and a half of stuffs. Aspirations mainly.

What else? Ah yes, my 9 year old cousin Brandon will be coming over next Saturday for a week long sleep over. I’m going to take him to Sportchek and get him some cycling gloves. I’m also going to take him biking around Gary Point and West Dyke. We’ll probably walk around Aberdeen and stuff and maybe get him some toys and games, or just settle in and talk and eat and drink. I also want to break out Dirty Minds and have a game with him. I want to see what type of thoughts a child have with sexually suggestive words. You see, he won’t know that they are sexually suggestive words, so I’m curious as to what type of responses I will get from him.

Aside from playing games and stuff, I might take him to watch a movie with Albert. I would suggest Laura, but he seems extremely shy around her. It must be the huge breasts and the ginormous ass she has that frightens little ‘innocent’ children away screaming and panicking. [wink]

BTW, for a limited time only, if you would like to rebuke your existing religion and join Leemanism, I’ll be sending you a Leemanism starter pack completely free!!! [grins pervertedly]



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  1. 1

    I bet the REAL reason is you’re just “cheating on” your current blog. Shame shame :p

    Is Jenny back already?

  2. 2

    Cheating on my current blog? [ponders] What could you possibly mean? 08|

    And yes, Jenny told me she desires a full kiss and tongue dance with you the other night. My camera is charged and the SD card emptied. 8]

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