According to the Christian faith, the 7 sins are: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. According Leemanism, in accordance to the 7 sins, “Leeman” should be the 8th sin… [laughs] [ponders] Or rather, should I be the “Greater of the Eight Evils”?

Let’s see now, according to my past entries on this site, I have expressed: Wrath, Pride, and some Sloth, as well as Lust… What the hell is Gluttony? Sounds like “fat”… Let’s check Dictionary.com…

Ah… It does have something to do with “fat”:

glut·ton·y Audio pronunciation of “gluttony” ( P ) Pronunciation Key (gltn-)
n. pl. glut·ton·ies

Excess in eating or drinking.

No, I am far from fat. In fact, I detest fat… Fat fact: polyunsaturated fat actually help reduce the level of cholesterol! So a small consumption is important for health.


No, not really…

So the purpose of this entry is to point out a few things about myself. First and foremost, I seem to have a natural knack of hurting people’s feelings even when I am aware of such consequences. Now I am not going to explain things in detail, lest it turns out to dozens of pages long again, but I will say that though bluntness is a good trait of mine, it is also a ‘bad’ trait as well. Tact is good, and I do use tact when it comes to bluntness, but seems like it’s not enough. So I made it a point this morning onwards to never again post sarcastically blunt comments on DC.org anymore. Second to that, I will try to cut down on such comments in the public towards those who can’t take such minor statements (“minor” in my perspective of course).


Second, it is true that younger people especially in their teens are more prone to receive blunt statements and non-sugar-coated comments a lot harder. Not only should I use tact, but I should also be more compassionate. However, I will not sweet-talk or lie to anyone that they should deserve better or what not, but I will offer a more neutral perspective and less on the sarcastic remarks. Youths nowadays have absolutely no control over their own tempers and manners.

Third, when I mentioned “testing” in my previous entry about Patrick, if any of you think I am an immature, childish, degrading little jerk bastard of a boyish man, then I must launch a few thousand pounds of dynamite your way, because I never mentioned what type of “test” I did. So before anyone insult me with such comments/thoughts, please make sure you think first before you speak.

BTW, the above paragraph IS NOT directed at ANYONE in particular. Though it may seem so, it’s not. The above statement is to simply clarify a few things. Since it IS possible for people to misunderstand my intentions.

Fourth, I may come off as a pervert sometimes, but as you most likely can see, I’m not randomly picking up women and saying nasty sexual things about any of them. I admit I have a few pictures of nearly naked neko’s here and there in my entries, but I LOVE GIRLS, WOMEN, YUMMINESS! I just love the way a girl is shaped… I love women. I love sex. I love to explore. I LOVE TO SQUEEZE AND MOLLAGE A GIRL’S BOOBIES! “Mollage” is a word Cindy made up in reference to giving her massages and molestation at the same time. I love to dominate and experience my woman moaning, screaming, biting, and scratching my back while I make love to her. I LOVE when she talks nasty and asks me to bang her harder and faster. I LOVE IT when she is sweaty and super horny. I LOVE pleasuring her and getting pleasured. I LOVE IT when she looks back up at me when giving me head. I LOVE how her mouth opens in complete ecstacy when I eat or lick her pussy, or when I PENETRATE HER DOGGY STYLE WHERE HER HAIR IS WILD, her butt up, knees on the ground, juices flowing out of control down her thights, her fingers clawing at the floor, drool dangling from her lips, her backside completely sweaty, breasts dangling and boucing back and forth!!!! YES, I LOVE SEX and MAKING LOVE and giving LOTS OF pleasure – quickies, long ones, odd ones, whatever!

MIND YOU THOUGH, these things are EXCLUSIVE to my partner – note the singular word.

FIFTH – DO NOT EVER say that I use rationalization or justification for my intentions. Rationalization and justification is when people try to make excuses for the things they do to look like it is logical. For those that don’t know dick shit about me, don’t say anything. You can judge me in your thoughts all you want, but keep it that way, lest you want to feel the Wrath of Leeman! [laughs maniacally]

I analyze a series of events FIRST, then with logic, I combine those elements to form a structure to work with. With that structural frame, I create a series of possible events I can do then re-enact them in my mind with possible outcomes. It is ONLY afterwards I filter out the best way to attain knowledge or whatever, that I choose that particular method to act upon.

It is ONE THING to become a CEO of a company from the start by registering your own business, and totally another if you work your way up from a grunt to a CEO in another person’s company. Understand the metaphor?

However, I do admit if the situation or issue is a humorous one or full of satire, I may do a reverse role here. Rationalizing my actions to create humor or some sort of event, etc.

SIXTH – unlike many people I know or have known, time, experience, effort, history combined together forms a great connection between me and those who have created such a connection in the first place. For problems that arise between friends and family, such values often come into view, and grudges are kept to a very minimal. It takes A LOT to get me angry – that is a total understatement. If I become angry, the world would end in a heartbeat… Hehe… No… However, damn it! This suddenly got me to think about you know who again! DAMN THAT BITCH AND HER ASSHOLE FRIENDS!


BTW, an answer to Sheila’s question that I will get back to her emails ASAP, is that my bunny’s name is Berrimellow. Poor baby must be underfed by bad mommy! If only my mom wasn’t anti-bunny! What’s worst? Bring him home and my mom serves rabbit stew for dinner, or leave him with his slut mommy and possibly get under-fed, under-loved, and shoved under?


Anyway, I have to not think about him, lest other angry things come out again.



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    About the gluttony comment, according to 7deadlysins.com is “an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.” And wikipedia says, “Thoughtless waste of everything, overindulgence, misplaced sensuality, uncleanliness, and maliciously depriving others. Marked by refusal to share and unreasonable consumption of more than is necessary, especially in the case of food or water. Destruction, especially for sport (like trophy hunting.) Substance abuse or binge drinking.”

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    No, I don’t think you could even be coupled in this category of deadly sins cuz Li, you’re downright soft! *wink wink* 😉 haha..

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