[“Cantome” – Cosmopole]

Another day passed without anything done. Boring it is, when everyone else is either busy or out of the province, or married and have gf’s and wives to cater to. Wives… However, I did manage to go cycling for a bit around 9:30pm. 3-7 for the gears. Some things went through my mind before I went out. Just saw a re-run of Macross Plus 1-4. I just remember I still have the 2nd half of my dinner downstairs. I feel like declaring war, and sending my non-existing army out to invade someone’s territory. [thumb up]

As per my nerd-side coming back from the past, here are some screen shots of my adventures on Tatooine. I know I know, I’m lacking content for my entries lately, but like I said in the beginning, these entries are mainly for self-reflection and to pass time.

Oops, yes the email, I forgot to answer it, but to Spongey, yes, I can pick you up 08/31 at 11:50am.

Jon 06/02/2006 said:

You silly pickled lun, don’t drive or fly here to Ottawa, jump on a train with some fellow hobos….with your clothes in a bag that’s tied to your stick, and train your ass to Ottawa

[“The Day The Sun Exploded” – Mr. Untel]

I was telling him that I’ve been going crazy with my inability to go get my Class 6 license due to my budget restrictions. For a proper school here, it costs about $700. I looked into some $300 to $400 ones, but those guys looked shady, especially that white guy with the long brown hair, smoking a joint amongst some lamed-out hongerish looking Asians on their 250cc and below Katanas and Ninjas. I’ll be training on something light like a 50cc anyway, but those guys just didn’t seem right.

Oh yes, I was getting somewhere else with this… I’ll have to reply to his email, cuz he doesn’t come here often enough.

This is an excellent song by the way. Reminds me of back in the day, when I had so much fucking money to burn to keep my fingers warm from the cold shakened mixed drinks and martini’s. [blushing in shame]

Me love you long time…



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    Hmmmmm… NO MAIL ORDER BRIDES?!?!?! How about a mail-order hand job from an exotic dancer? 8]

    Nah, I’m good. Just take lots of pictures, so I can put them up in my Photo Album, and don’t forget to take a picture of you and a hooker – a good looking one. Don’t want those nasty 80 year olds dressed up like 14 year olds! AH! AH! NASTY!

  2. 3

    How about some moth balls? You could never have any enough of them 😉

    Well my main purpose this time around is to just shop til I drop (Only there for 1 day) sooo I’ll see what I can do about that hooker snapshot. :p

  3. 4

    Ha! How about some giant cockroaches?! Oh and I want the hooker to be grabbing your breasts when you take that picture. 😉 Haha! Nice!

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