Friendship, at the lowest resonating label is my great gift. I believe in humanity above all else. It is humanity that make things happen. All other aspects make up the unknown. It is too bold for humans to say otherwise.

Today, JDing, Laura Yang and Patrick Leung took me out to a few drinks and chit chat. That was awesome. As I am the ‘gift’ to my mom and my dad, my friends are my gift to me. That is all.

Albert may never realize this, but I valued his friendship greatly. I did look to him as one of my brothers. It didn’t take impulsiveness to ‘wipe away’ that label. It took a build-up experiences to rid him as that. Indeed, I think about what we had every now and then, but that is just that – sentimental memories.

I know Patrick mentions I should give him a call, but what he doesn’t realize is that a rooted friendship pulled out from the depths means a friendship that has been dug up. “Friendship” to me is shared vision, shared connection – a flow, even with our differences.

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