I find it amazing Leemanism has lasted as long as it has. The domain was registered on April 1st, 2006, seventeen days after Cindy and I broke up for the last time. What prompted me to start Leemanism, was that after reading the blog of Cindy’s new fling, I needed a place to vent. Venting to my friends wasn’t enough because that’s like unrecorded stuff that gets thrown into the clouds. I needed a medium in which not only do my feelings get heard, but I get to keep them. I found out that guy was using something called WordPress. So I looked into that, registered my own domain on GoDaddy, bought 12 months of super cheap hosting at WebHostingWorld (they suck ass) and started my very own blog. Since then, WordPress has been my go-to content management system in most websites I have created for myself and for many of my clients.

When Leemanism started off, I had a good number of returning visitors, but only a small handful were regulars that commented on my stuff. In the beginning, I had a lot to talk about and most of it had a fun, comedic side to it. Of course, many of them also had a touch of pervertedness too. ^_^ What’s Leemanism without some perversion?!

Leemanism went on pretty strong for a few years, up until my falling out with Albert and Jenny in the summer of 2009. From there, the frequency of my entries dwindled. Not only did it dwindle, but as time went on, the fun, comedic and perverted entries I used to post up, were replaced by annoying emotional crap, or generic social injustices that many other blogs posted up. I didn’t like the way things were going and that in itself demotivated me. I tried many times in trying to move things around, restart the blog, give it new purpose, etc. However, after years of restarting and failing, I gave up all together. That is, up until now.

It’s September 16th, 2019 today which is thirteen years, five and a half months later. Most people I knew who tried starting blogs, didn’t last longer than three months. They simply did not get enough readers that interacted with them. This is a major key factor in having the motivation to keep posting new things. However, my blog dwindled primarily because the friends that used to share in the joy of my postings, were dividing their attentions into varying things. It started with the lost friendship with Albert and Jenny. Even though they never commented on my blog, they talk to me about it in person. The straw the broke the camel’s back, was a blog entry I posted titled The Uptight Duo Versus The Laid Back Crew. I’m sure I’ve said many things in there that not only hurt their pride, but hurt them as the brother and sister I should have been more considerate of. This however, is a story for a different time.

After our friendship broke apart, I felt that a part of the soul of my blog also fragmented. While the friendship with my other friends continued, over time, I felt that my blog has also been a gateway to my grief for many things.

One person who read my forum posts and later, followed my blog posts, refer to me as his mentor. After my writings could not inspire him to live a more fulfilling life, he took his own life.

My blog has also pissed off some of my other friends, because I use it as an outlet, which otherwise, would alternatively put me into an argument with them, if we had spoken in person. It was like an indirect attack on them on my own territory, instead of ‘fighting’ in neutral territory if you know what I mean.

Mine you, these things happened before, during and after the whole Albert/Jenny fiasco.

The last few days, I had gotten some inspiration from years and months of deliberations to just fucking do something about Leemanism. I am not getting any younger. All of these hobbies I have with GinsengSamurai, CursedBeauty, and basically ten other online projects, I got really fed up about the sheer amount of division I had. I wanted separate things for separate ideas, but at the end of the day, it all overwhelmed me. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t get any things done. So in the last week, I decided to merge everything except two particulars together. I will keep Leemanism.com as a blog coinciding everything *I* am and do. I will also keep Whipperschnipple.com as a blog coinciding everything about my family life, starting with the journey Amber and I went on. For every other site, I will disband them and forward their domains to these two primaries accordingly.

So expect gaming related stuff, sex topics, relationship-help topics, some short story writing, literotica, photo blogging and other multimedia to be posted at Leemanism.com. Once I get Leemanism settled, I will start work on Whipperschnipple.com. Perhaps I will start on that in 2020.

Anyway, if you’re reading this and has gotten this far, thank you for coming by. It means a lot to me. Thank you.

A shout out goes to Michael McFaddon who checked up on me. You’re awesome. I’m sorry I’m terrible at responding quickly. A lot goes on in my mind daily and I have to sift through it to get to people I need to respond to.

Also, another shout out to my wife Amber. I love you. ♥

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