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Maybe I am oblivious to the common emotion that a lot of people feel if a said truth were to appear before them. Most people that say things about themselves is because they are uncomfortable with themselves, and they express it because they wish that the receiver would disagree with them. For me though, I believe I am different in that aspect. When I say something about myself that may look negative for others, to me, it’s the personal truth.

The question is, “Why is personal truth negative?”

Most people I’ve talked with say things about themselves that seem negative because they have low self esteem and it’s the only way to laugh about it, without actually laughing. For me, I do not poke fun at myself and when I do and when it is apparent, I do it to make others uncomfortable and I take advantage of this fact because I find it humorous that others will feel uncomfortable when even I don’t.

Personal truth is like another limb – a natural occurrence. Like breathing, liking thinking, reacting, walking, avoiding, dodging, etc. I never justify things that pertain to my personal truth, because to me, it is logical and the hierarchy of experiences leading up to that conclusion empowers that personal truth.

When I say it, it’s just a natural occurrence. It’s me conversing with you, as if it was common knowledge. There is nothing shameful about it. I would say that 99.9% of the all the people I know, most and if not, all the time, they feel somewhat shameful in acknowledging themselves. I am no exception BUT the difference being, acknowledging personal truth does not hinder me in any way.

My existence depends on you. Not me. However, I don’t feel as though I am a part of this world. I constantly feel as though I need to go back home. There’s just that feeling deep down inside, as if I belong somewhere else. Ever since that night all those years ago…

You see, it’s things like that, that no other will ever see, experience and feel because that truth is personal. Amongst the other aspects of my personal truth, no one in this world can ever truly accept another persons truth because it’s personal.

In short, when I say something that pertains to me to you, try not to be uncomfortable. To me, it’s common knowledge and personal truth. Nothing is more accurate than personal truth.


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