This last half of the week can’t be any more screwy! Not only am I not going through my Razor work as quickly as I initially thought, but I can’t get this damn flow going with my client’s new shopping cart project. I hate doing half ass jobs, and my runabout last night was no exception. ON TOP of that, I spent $53 on a program last night that works the best, but still doesn’t do the intended job I want it to. Damn ill-prepared and about to rip off Barbie’s head a third time!

I noticed I’ve also been spending quite a bit of money lately. First it was games, then some online stuffs, and then sex toys for my non-existing girlfriend, and some sex toys for a friend, and then I have to give my brother $35 for a $70 facial cream for my mom (we’re taking her out Saturday evening for her belated b-day dinner), then I have to pay for our dinner, then I have to go out after that to Laura’s place and pick her up for another dinner and possibly some bubble tea and letting her drive around the city for practice, and then I have to go to my mom’s and Christina’s b-day celebrations Sunday… MY GOSH! Oh and I shouldn’t forget about the dentist I went to yesterday to get my cavity filled. Mhm.

BTW, I also spent $857 on a new laptop that I bought three days ago from Dell.ca. Damn, so much spending, not enough time and energy! On top of that, this part-time job I am doing with X company is irritating me. My boss wants cheap with ease of use and simple UI, yet the cheap she is talking about costs around $30/mo. I have suggested she hire a web design company to create a shopping cart from scratch, customized to our web sites, and based on a system that we can use with ease and without hassle. I told her that the starting price would be around $1000, and she found that to be expensive, but what she continues to fail to see is that this initial cost saves her TONS of extra time looking for a cart that works in her favor, as well as a the money spent on licensing and setting up such a cart from the various online cart systems offered.

When I worked for her full-time before, it was the same problem. To save money, we always did more research, but in the end, we were always left with a system that cost more over the long run. It’s frustrating. It’s not nearly as organized as TBM, where the ladies came to me and asked “Li, how much would a shopping cart system cost us?” Within 20 minutes, I got back to them with “$4000”, then we negotiated and finally with stuff taken out, etc, I said, “$2800 and it includes this and that and will take max 2 weeks to do.” And now, we’re doing it.

It’s so simple. To the point and without hassle. I like clients like that. I hate clients that think too much, never get anything done, and continues to change things to suit short term cost-saving ideals. That’s probably why I only had one client like that in my entire history of doing freelancing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done freelancing and did it through a corporation instead – I simply do not want to deal with crap like that.

Jay’s charge out rate is $100/hr and mine is about $45/hr. It may seem costly, but that’s a small price to pay for a system that is guaranteed ease of use, customer usability, and customizability.

ANYWAY, enough about this crap. I’m sitting here at the office, with my boss gone, typing this out, having barely 4 hours of sleep, waking up briefly sometime in those 4 hours to a text that Laura sent me at 5 in the morning wondering whether I was dreaming or not, and throughout the entire sleep cycle, I kept dreaming about 3GP conversions and alternative setups with MPEG4, Quicktime and AVI. It was friggin crazy. I hate sleeping and dreaming about work. Especially when it has to do with trouble shooting graphic related stuff or anything for that matter!

One of my friends, Patrick is heading into the design sector as opposed to his usual Rehab stuffs. Good on him, but be warned that once you get to this level, shit happens and it’s not all about design any more. At my level, I still need to learn some programming and how to integrate that code with the design, and how blah blah blah blah blah… It’s gross and tiring. ON TOP OF THAT, if you decide to get into this seriously, you will eventually need to have Project Management training, which I am highly considering getting into, but that’s a crazy program and it takes time and a bit of effort – effort that I don’t want to do since effort and energy is what I am lacking nowadays.

Sure, I fantasize about riding my bike with Jenny and Laura in two weeks and beyond, but after not riding my bike for nearly 5 months, again, I’m sure I’ll feel like spaghetti trying to peddle. One thing about going to Hong Kong all the damn time is that I would gain tons of weight, have a much healthier physique, go to HK, lose weight, come back, lose motivation to bike and exercise, lose more weight, and eventually just do nothing. Damn HK!

Yes, what I was getting at is that even when I don’t have a lot going on with my life, it seems like there is a lot going on. I have friends I need to keep in touch with, I need to stay on track with my part-time job with my Razor stuff and my freelance projects. I have to keep myself sane by playing computer games, read books, read the news, watch the occasional movie or cartoon, listen to my music. I’ve pretty much stopped ALL booty call contacts, and have stopped ALL contacts with anyone whom had a sexual interest for play, so I can only keep myself from leaping off the Vancouver Harbour Centre by masturbating at least once every day or two. On that note, I noticed that shooting my load has yielded quite a good stream of that special sauce. Like last night – wow. Haven’t had something so thick and plentiful in ages.


Only 35 minutes to go! Then back home, and do Razor stuff for Spiderman 3 and M&M’s stuffs. Then I need to send them off to Jay, then do icons for Benny, and then probably eat something, then sleep… Sleep. I haven’t had decent sleep for over a week. Every day has been 1 and half hour there, 2 hours here, up to 4 on and off, etc. I am totally and utterly exhausted having to think about budgeting the family’s expenditures, my contributions, things I need to do in the near future, etc.

Anyway, I recently bought some sex toys – a g-spot stimulator, an egg, a rabbit, two tubes of lube, a bunch of batteries, a box of condoms, some other stuff which I don’t remember now and all that cost me about $77 cdn. Not bad pricing. I thought of getting 5 to 10 more eggs, because I counted girls I can give them to – Jenny, Laura, Amanda, and I can give Michelle one too, but I think her hubby can do the trick, hmmm… As for the rest of the toys, I have to keep it a secret as to whom I will be giving them to. I had tried to… Nevermind. AND no, not me – not for me!

I thought about keeping the g-spot stimulator for a future love/sex interest, but I think I’ll give that to Ms. Gross instead. Ah I remember now, I also got a bottle of massage oil. I need to retrain my massage techniques. I used to give Cindy massages once every three to seven days with baby oil or lavender oil between 10 minutes to 2 hours each session, followed by cuddles and sleeps or sensual sex ending with some hard riding. You know what’s difficult? Is to give a female friend (or foe in some cases) a massage without having her believe/feel that I have ulterior motives. So nowadays, I choose my targets more carefully. Obviously I won’t give a guy massages, unless his first name starts with J and his last name ends with G. HAHAHAHA… Then again, that might still be too gay for me. I can’t do the whole professional masseur thing (yet).

The other day, I came upon Jun Natsukawa. SUPER HOT CUTEY from Japan. My friends and co-workers, including my mom thought she was 14 to 16, but I told them she’s only a year younger than me. Some rebuttalled – “JAIL BAIT”. I laughed and said, “So women whom are interested me don’t go after me because they feel they might get arrested for dating or sleeping with me?”

What I’m getting at here is that this should be in a completely different entry and topic. Blah!

BTW, in EVE Online, I managed to get my frigates destroyed four times now, and finally got the courage to train and buy myself a Minmator Destroyer, in which I have to say is pretty cool. I don’t have pictures with me tho.

Right. My boss is back and I have 19 minutes left!



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    Hahaha!! Mmmmmm imagine Marks face if you did send me a toy from a sex shop.You got it bad boy ,I would play match maker if we sayed closer.,but sadly you are going to have to work harder on your own.

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